Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Different Thought for Christmas

The word Christmas conjures images of candy canes, bells, poinsettias, trees, ornaments, and holly, and gold, silver, red, and green. It's often a joyful, jolly, frantic, and consumerist sort of holiday.

Sadly, too many people simply aren't in a position to feel the holly, jolly fun. Maybe they are dealing with job loss, financial woes, grief, health concerns...any number of crises that happen in life. But feeling alienated at Christmas is an all too common experience.

We can, with our cards, respond sensitively to these situations. Instead of sending Merry Christmas greetings to someone who's anything but merry, how about a wish of peace?

A wish of peace is always appropriate. Changing up the colors from traditional red and green helps convey a message that says, "I know you're not jolly this year but want you to know you are on my mind this Christmas, and I wish you peace, comfort, and love."

As you make Christmas cards this year, think about making a few that offer peace to those who suffer. A poinsettia in pool blue, a sentiment in celery, and a bling in teal acknowledges that this Christmas isn't holly jolly, but the peace of a holy day can make a huge difference.

Just something to think about.

stamps: Clearly Besotted Christmas Poinsettia
ink: Fresh Ink pool, celery
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: rhinestone


  1. What a great idea! Will be keeping this in mind while making my Christmas cards this year.
    Lu C

  2. Gorgeous and peaceful card.

    I learned to dislike Christmas time as a young child... forced time together for a family who should never be in the same state (let alone the same house) as each other. Such hatred and strife. Now I'm grown up and can dictate how and with who I spend my holidays but I've never forgotten that Christmas isn't all jolly ho hos for everyone. This card is very lovely and peaceful.

  3. I have a number of friends who are not Christian, but all are human so I have been sending holiday cards with the theme of "Peace" for many years. This subject has become more and more important to me as the world gets more violent.

  4. Love this, Susan, and it's so very true!

  5. Beautiful non-traditional colours.

  6. Thank you acknowledging that Christmas is not always a happy time for a lot of people. Last year my husband was in the hospital at Christmas & passed away in April. So this will not be a Holiday season I look forward to...actually I am dreading in already and hate the stamping "Christmas in July" and delete without looking...usually. One of my favorite sympathy cards stated simply "I wish you peace." Perfect. And now will use a simple PEACE on my cards as well.

    1. Please send me an email at susanraihala at roadrunner dot com.

      I wish you peace with my whole heart.

  7. Lovely thought and beautiful card :)

  8. That's the card I should have had last Christmas! A dear friend lost her husband very suddenly a few months prior to Christmas, and I just couldn't find / make any kind of card that didn't have that "It's the most wonderful time of the year.." feel to it. So I just explained to her (with a big hug) that she was in our thoughts and prayers, and that we hoped that her Christmas would be special in some way.
    I hope that I won't have any similar situations this year, but I'll remember (and maybe CASE!) this card. Thank you!


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