Friday, July 15, 2016


Have you ever finished making a card, set it up on your desk to admire it, and found you hated it? Maybe it wasn't necessarily a bad card, but it didn't look like you made it. Or maybe it was pure bad ugly. Anyway, this is the card I made to recover from just such a failure, using the same large Hero Arts palm leaf stamp as on the epic failure, but with a totally different layout, color scheme, and technique.

First, I masked the center area with a piece of copy paper and temporary adhesive and positioned it in the center with the help of my quilting ruler. Then, I stamped the palm leaves in Impress Ink grass. After removing the mask, I stamped the sentiment in Memento Luxe espresso truffle. Finally, using a metal ruler, I drew the silver lines with a metallic ink marker by Prismacolor.

Not a bad recovery, eh?

And a perfect card for us all in these very troubled times.

stamps: Papertrey, Hero Arts
ink: Impress Fresh ink, Memento Luxe
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: silver metallic pen, ruler, copy paper, temporary adhesive


  1. I'm especially impressed with the perfectly executed silver border. Beautiful card, Susan.

  2. Incredible card, Susan! You've inspired me to attempt something similar to send to a chemo-patient .... this is a beauty and the scripture is perfect! Bless you!

  3. This *is* beautiful... but I call foul. Its not fair to claim you had an epic fail and not show it! I can't give you full credit for a recovery without the proof of the fail :-P

  4. I've learned not to toss the bad cards right away, but to set them aside. Sometimes days later they've developed some appeal. Often the problem is, as you mentioned, it doesn't look like something you you make.

    I also understand to make something better and more like yourself to get you back onto your usual path (redeem yourself if you will). It's bad news when the redemption falls flat too. Luckily, that didn't happen to you here!


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