Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christmas Layers and Distress Ink

Today's card won't work for the OLS Challenge this month (too many layers) but I still love the design and the matting here.

The inks are Tim Holtz distress inks...brushed corduroy and aged mahogany. The corduroy is greenish khaki (reminds me a bit of Brilliance pearlescent olive), and the mahogany is a very dark red with lots of brown in it (or brown with a lot of red in it, if you prefer). Both create a lovely pop of rich color on crisp, white card stock.

Yes, I'm very much behind the trend with Tim Holtz Distress Inks, but you have to admit, when you have dozens scores hundreds lots of ink pads, you need to be careful about trying more. I picked brushed corduroy, aged mahogany, and weathered wood (a soft blue) as my three starter colors in the cubes because I thought they'd make interesting Christmas cards. This card isn't classic Christmas shades of red and green, and that makes it interesting.

At least, I think so.

My card, however, doesn't take advantage of the versatility of these inks. What are your favorite things to do with distress inks? I am looking forward to sprinkling water on them for that lovely mottled look, but what else do you suggest?

Thanks in advance!

stamps: Papertrey Wet Paint Holiday
ink: Tim Holtz distress brushed corduroy, aged mahogany
paper: Papertrey
accessories: glue


  1. I have an embossing powder called dyeboss that I use with distress inks. It gives a great finish

  2. Distress Inks are wonderful for sponging. They blend beautifully. Water coloring, smooshing (technical term, haha!) onto a craft mat, spritz with water and smoosh paper in it for wonderful backgrounds.
    I believe I've mentioned that they are some of my favorite inks?!!

  3. The inks look great together. I like sponging and blending with distress inks even though I'm not very good at it. I also like to loosely water color with them.

  4. beautiful card! I love distress inks. They are great for stamping an outline shape onto watercolor or bristol (if the design is small) and then pulling the color out with a bit of wash and a brush. There are a ton of you tube videos on how to use them.

  5. I love using them to give an antique look to the edges of paper!

  6. Love, love, love my Distress Inks. Splodging on a craft sheet, spritzing with water and picking up the colour with a card makes great backgrounds (probably not your style though). I also like using them as watercolours, using them for edging or blending them on card, dropping water on them and blotting up the excess. The colours are great too now that they're not all grungy or distressed. BTW weathered wood is a lovely colour for stamping a soft outline image. I love broken china, barn door, ripe persimmon and too many more to mention.


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