Thursday, April 5, 2018

Polka Dot Basics, Part 4

So here's my favorite card in this batch of cards using the classic Papertrey set Polka Dot Basics.

Using the large open-circle border stamp, I filled in each circle with a small heart and gave the whole a hint of an ombre effect with two shades of pink.

The sentiment is incomplete on's finished by the hearts and provides a sense of unity between the words and border. Also, the font has lots of circles. Yay, unity of design!

I love it when a design comes together.

Polka dots can go in so many different styles and design directions...far more than I have showed in this series. Today's card is my favorite, but which of the four cards has been your favorite?

1. Retro

2. Faux Collage

3. Sweet and Traditional

Or today's #4, Simple Minimalist. Inquiring minds, and all that.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Papertrey Polka Dot Basics, Heart Prints, another set for the sentiment but I can't remember
paper: Papertrey white
ink: Hero Arts charcoal and bubble gum pink; Archival vibrant fuchsia
accessories: not a one


  1. I like today’s best. Not a fan of the colors in the first one, but I do like the layout for it. I really enjoy your work and your blog! :)

  2. I'm with you - the hearts are definitely my favourite

  3. Make it 3 for 3 and thank you for the inspiration. I have this set and never really came up with better ways to use it.

  4. It's a tie between the Collage and Traditional.

  5. All four are great cards, yet so completely different. My favorites are the faux collage and retro though I would have trouble giving reasons!

  6. I have 4 favorites for different reasons. Heart circles: concept. Butterfly: artistic. Swashes: just makes me smile! Gingham bow: graphic. Overall I think the swashes win out. Thanks for showing all the styles you created with your dots.

  7. Since you asked, I liked 3 & 4 the best. Love hearts and lots of dots! tfs

  8. They are all lovely but I like #3 the best! i don't know why!


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