Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Thanks, Eva!

My stampy friend (and fellow Methodist) Eva surprised me with a lovely card and stamp set last week. Eeeep!

She had no way of knowing I've been on the lookout for a religious set that had smaller images. Most sets seem to have larger images that are harder for me to work with. So YAY! Thank you, Eva, for being such a generous friend and for giving me just the set I've been looking for!

I had a blast playing around with this set over the weekend, and here's the first card I made with it.

The idea popped into my head as I sat down holding the set, so I popped up and grabbed my EK Success label punch and whipped this up in record time.

The curvy punched label and curvy font of the sentiment look so feminine to me, so I opted for bright pink ribbon. I like how the ribbon looks likes it's hugging the if I'm sending a hug in the mail. In fact I will send this paper hug to a friend who is dealing with some stuff.

We all know people who are dealing with some stuff.

Perhaps you're dealing with some stuff. Sometimes, it's hard to deal with stuff and believe that any sort of deity loves you. After all, if Jesus loves you, why are you hurting? Why are bad things happening?

Well, let me tell you that the world sucks because there's evil in it. Jesus isn't Santa Claus, and He doesn't give the good little boys and girls presents and the bad little boys and girls cancer...or divorces...or car accidents...or get them fired from their jobs...or take their loved ones away. Bad things happen to good (and bad) people, and good things happen to bad (and good) people.

But the world is also amazing and wonderful because God DOES give us each other, and every single act of loving-kindness is straight from God through Jesus (God self-limited to human form), who loves you so much He died on a cross for you.

And if you find that all hard to swallow (because, let's face it, it's pretty weird and seems a bit unlikely), then maybe it helps for you to just think of God as love. Pure and simple. Mr. Rogers said that when bad things happen, look for the helpers. There are always helpers...because there is always love.

So, if you need it, please take today's card as an act of loving-kindness for you, a pink hug with love from Jesus. It won't take your troubles away, but may it make those troubles a tiny bit easier to bear.

And find a helper or two to get you through the stuff. They are there. Just reach out.

Mercy, grace, peace, and lots and lots of love,


  1. God bless you, Susan.
    Your wisdom and eloquence are such a gift to me.
    Thank you.

  2. Your "Jesus loves you" card and post was the reminder I needed to hear as I'm going "through some stuff" for a very long time and have been wondering if it's some sort of punishment. Thank you for your comments. I have looked for help and been fortunate to find some.

    1. You're NOT being punished. You are living in a broken world. Take Susan's words to heart and always know you are valuable, unique, and deeply loved.

    2. Sharon's right. As a Methodist, I believe that only good comes from God. (God is good all the time. All the time God is good!) He loves us beyond our ability to comprehend and wants us to be with Him and live through Him and share Him in a hurting world.

  3. Oh!! So well said!!! Yes Yes Yes. And the card is a favorite.
    I am receiving your hug ...Sending you one back. 💕

  4. Beautifully expressed, Susan. It's easy to feel smothered by the "bad stuff" sometimes. We could all use a gentle reminder like your words and this card. Thank you.

  5. My stomach is currently in my throat...anxiety overload from current life relationships.
    Your simplicity is comfort to my world.
    I know Christ, I know His gift to me yet I don't always live what I say I believe.


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