Sunday, April 8, 2018

You Are Amazing!

There's not been much time for stamping since I got back from Maryland, but I did play around a bit and made this fun one-layer card today. It's preppy colors and whimsical use of the star stamp from Hero Arts Dreams Are Made set make me smile.

I enhanced the swath of stars (stamped in Hero Arts bubble gum pink) with three additional "big" stars (stamped in Archival vibrant fuschia) in a visual triangle and added bling.

The sentiment comes from Altenew's Sentiments and Quotes set. The stamp arranges the words all on one line, but that looked odd given the curve under the stars, so I stamped just the you are and then added the amazing below. Some people (myself included, on occasion) will cut sentiment stamps to make this process easier. If you don't cut, just make sure to REALLY clean the stamp between impressions or you'll end up with a shadowy imprint of the first half of the stamp where you don't want it.

Don't ask how I know this. Just. Don't.

Is anyone else experiencing Spring Fever? Since I got back home, everything I look at in my house makes me crazy...from the chaos and mess. I want to throw away eighty percent of everything in our house and garage and BREATHE.

Somehow, I feel a giant urge to purge and clean, but sadly, I also feel incredibly overwhelmed and lazy.

First-world problems strike again.

Maybe I just have PMS.


Please give me a hug and tell my I'm pretty and that my house's mess isn't a reflection of my moral failings as a human.

I'll do the same for you.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and Midol,

stamps: Altenew Sentiments and Quotes, Hero Arts Dreams Are Made
paper: Papertrey white
ink: Hero Arts bubble gum; Archival vibrant fuschia and vivid chartreuse
accessories: rhinestones


  1. I am definitely feeling the same way! I just want to toss everything. I am lazy, so I know if I wait it out it will pass, lol. I'm hoping that over the summer I will be able to make a dent in the schtuff. Good luck to you - in whatever path you chose!

  2. HUGS! You ARE Pretty! And the reaction is normal as the season turns and our days have longer light. (all the more easy to see the dust bunnies, my dear) I use to tear in and de-clutter in one fell swoop. And then could never find anything I needed because I either threw or gave it away. Have learned to take one area at a time, and my decisions have been much better. By the time May hits, I am breathing lighter and looking forward to summer! Hang in there!
    LOVE the card! Bright, cheerful and uplifting!
    Lu C

  3. Fun card! I need to get demo kits ready for my card club that I have belonged to over 20 years that meets the 16th. I just might follow your color scheme. Like those colors! Fortunately or not, there are no longer 12 of us. Hugs sent your way! While looking for my food scale today (well, I knew where it was I ended up dusting the two shelves in my utility room. Does that count as a start to spring cleaning? And also, my niece brought me two rolling drawer carts that she is no longer needing since she is doing a great remodel of her craft room. She even helped me fill them. Now for labels and .... Now for the liquid sunshine to stop!! Looking forward to more cheery Susan cards!!

  4. Your post could not have been more timely, Susan. I was just talking to a friend last night and both of us are experiencing the same symptoms. So much to do and no desire to do it. I have so much craft stuff that it now owns me. At first I thought I was in serious resting mode from working two part-time jobs for three weeks, but the mode seems to be a new gear. I'm relieved to hear that someone else is going through this, too, and will try to stop beating myself up. You are pretty, with all that gorgeous, fluffy grey hair! And you have a beautiful soul and lively spirit. Let's all tell ourselves and each other that this will pass soon enough. We really are blessed to have the roof of the messy house over our heads!

  5. Awesome card. You have described your spring fever exactly like mine. I just want to get rid of so much stuff. I am not able to do this now. Maybe that is just as well as I would probably just go buy more stuff. You house is not a reflection of your moral failings as a human being.

  6. ((Hugs)) Ah, spring fever-if we would ever get spring! Still at least a foot of snow on the ground here, and more forecast in the coming week. I look at the mess and think-not going to tackle this yet-will wait until the 'mud' and 'woodstove' season is over. Then walls washing, and trim painting are on my agenda. For now, carrel what I can, and wait for a thaw:) And you are pretty, and your house is simply lived in-it's blessed to have a family there, it's bound to be a bit messy at times. Humans are that way.
    Mercy, peace and grace to you. And more hugs.

  7. My recommendation for purging is start slow and easy. Clothing is my starting place today.

  8. You are so pretty! And your house looks just great to me! Hope that helps :-)

    Love your green and pink swirly card, too!

  9. Love this! And I also know what happens when you don't clean the stamp!
    I'm packing up my mother's house as she moves to the next step ... and it just wants to make me clean out my house. Too much stuff!

  10. Consider yourself hugged, twice.If there really is a mess (which I doubt), that's all it is. Ignore it & let me know if it goes away. Regardless, it is NO reflection whatsoever. Love this fun card; take the sentiment to heart. And you are pretty, inside and out.


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