Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A Most Useless Post

When my wood-mounted leaf stamps were out (see previous post), I went looking for one and couldn't find it. After rummaging around in a panic in my unfinished basement area, I found it in a box labeled for potential sale.

Whatever was I thinking!!?!?!?!

How could I even consider getting rid of this glorious stamp? In my best Hermione Granger voice, "What an idiot!"

The stamp (from Hero Arts) paired nicely with the postage die (also Hero Arts) and some sequins (more Hero Arts) and an ombre ink pad (you guessed it...Hero Arts).

Of course I rummaged through the storage box for even more wood-mounted treasures that needed to come out and play. So. Many. Stamps.

No matter how much I like minimalism in my life, wardrobe, house, and aesthetic, it's just not realistic when it comes to stamps, now, is it?

I thought not.


Weak. That's what I am.

But oh so happy.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and hoarding,

PS What stamps do you have a hard time parting with? Seems to me, Hero Arts has my heart locked up. And their new catalog comes out soon. Tomorrow, perhaps. ;-)


  1. So glad to learn that I'm not alone in having a hard time parting with stamps. As I've been going through my collection there are some that I don't see myself using or some sets have been superseded with similar images I like more. If I look at a set and it still brings me joy - it stays! P.S. Your card is beautiful!

  2. Loving the ombre green on these bold, graphic leaves! Minimalism is great — but at least shopping your hoard is free.

  3. Love this card! I must confess, sometimes too much white space makes me itch, but this one is just right! I, too, have pulled some stamps back from the 'give away' pile a time or two. (or three :) It just comes with this hobby!
    Lu C

  4. this is so funny a post - I feel your pain - lovely HA card

  5. Oh do I feel your pain. I have stamps I've never put ink to yet I can't part with them. I have a collage stamp that I love (it might even be Hero Arts ;-) ) but have never been able to use effectively. I now own a misti style positioner that will finally get me beautiful images. Liz

  6. I do love your leaf stamp and card. I also particularly love HA wooden stamps. It seems that it is getting harder to find stamps in wood these days. Sigh.

  7. Au contraire...absolute not a useless post, but truly delightful one causing gales of laughter, which doesn't happen often...especially in the morning! I, too, have rescued stamps marked for sale & wondered what the thought process at the time. And you're right...lovely stamp and card! Glad you found live another day! I have a hard time parting with beautiful Penny Black floral stamps. Just think many of these are the most beautiful of all!

  8. Can't have too many leaf stamps or sentiment stamps. I will say the same for floral stamps. PTI, Hero Arts and my older Stampin' Up stamps are my favorites. Lovely card.

  9. I go thru phases and collect whatever is catching my fancy at the time, say it is leaf stamps. Once that dies off I do purge, but not all of them. There are always are few clear-cut keep forever winners to be held onto.

    What I need to purge these days is crafting stuff other than stamps. I have a lot of non-stamp stuff stashed everywhere. What is is?! Why does it take up so much space? Hmmm....

  10. I read an article recently (I can't find it again) that mentioned how hard it is to reduce craft stashes - more so than other types of household items because we see the potential in all those supplies. It feels like we're giving up on those great ideas that come to mind! Makes total sense to my why I have so many random items in my craft room that I can't seem to part with!

  11. I'm so glad you're stamping and posting regularly again! Really missed you! I love this leaf stamp. Seeing you use it years ago inspired me to buy it, and it has been a favorite--and now you've inspired me to pull it out again.


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