Wednesday, May 13, 2020


And I'm not talking about the weight you have gained since the quarantine because every time you walk by the candy bowl, you eat three or four Hershey's Kisses.

Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, I pulled out my Peerless watercolors and covered a large piece of watercolor paper with blocks of colors...yellows, oranges, and pink. After the paint dried, I cut the blocks into sizes that would fit through my Cuttlebug and die cut a bunch of Tim Holtz wildflowers.

These two cards are the best results. They demonstrate the difference in design weight a sentiment can carry.

The label sentiment above is (to my eyes) ever so slightly too heavy for the card, but my other label sentiment set would have been too small and visually wimpy for the card. Perhaps I should have just used a one-word label sentiment like "thanks" or "hello."

This just goes to show that you can NEVER have too many sentiment sets. I'm going shopping for an in-between label set as soon as I finish this post. Ah!

The second sentiment, which is an old, old, old PSX stamp, is perfect for graduation cards that don't look like graduation cards. The idea to stamp it on vellum came from several cards I saw on Pinterest. For stamping on vellum, I recommend StazOn ink, which I rarely use. I forgot how good it smells.

Did I type that out loud? Really, just say no to ink sniffing. No good ever came of it.

Just like no good ever came from Hershey's Kisses.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and exercise,


  1. Lovely card! You can never have too many sentiments. Good luck shopping. Take good care.

  2. Love those colors! Maybe just the 'happy' part across the flower stems with the birthday on the inside would work? Anywhoooo, it is an bright and happy card!
    Lu C

  3. A wonderful way to add colour to those silhouette flowers.
    I enjoy how you analyse your card designs ... and teach us too. I think I would have stamped a sentiment direct on the card for the first one, or perhaps a single line label. There's always an "or" with me. Sigh. Decisions, decisions.

  4. You are funny. I like your humor... oh, yes, I like these cards, too. I have that Tim Holtz set and you just helped me with an idea for my sweet great niece who just "graduated".

  5. Beautiful. In the spirit of learning, I'm wondering if the labels on the first card would have a different weight if they were on a different color, rather than black, possibly a green. Is it the color that makes the weight or the font or the size of the font. Probably a combination of all. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiments. I have learned a lot during the years of reading your blog. PS it's been a long while since some cute doggie pictures.


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