Sunday, May 24, 2020

Wine-y Postage

I love sipping big, bold, chewy red wine, so a dear friend of mine gave me this glass, which is quite the joke because what you see in the glass is about what I drink on normal nights. I confess that quarantine has me drinking two of these a night, which means I might hit the "small glass" mark.

I'm a cheap drunk. If I drank all the way to the "Susan's glass" mark, I'd be plastered. Haven't done that since I was 21 and got drunk talking with my sister on the phone. We were both dealing with things, and the drinking was her idea. She's a bad influence. Younger sisters. What's a girl to do?

One and done, lesson learned, as far as I was concerned. Wow. That was a long time ago!

So I wanted to send this dear friend a quarantine card, and this happened. I can't really explain sort of evolved organically. But I really like it!

I pulled out some pigment inks, which I haven't used in probably a year. The Merlot is Impress Fresh Ink and is simply gorgeous. I don't have a dye ink that's even close to it, although SU cherry cobbler is close...but a bit too brown.

What are you drinking in the quarantine? In addition to my nightly wine, I have been drinking gallons of coffee. So. Much. Coffee. Plus, my firstborn has an espresso machine and makes me daily lattes. More coffee. Yummy!

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


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  2. In my younger days I had a reputation for being drunk....half a glass of wine....
    Your post so made me laugh, wonderful memories. Thank you
    Love the card, the snall diecut certainly holds its own.

  3. Beautiful red color. A perfect card for your friend. I've been drinking pitchers of Southern sweet tea since I finally learned how to make it.
    P.S. I'm saving the tea bags to make a card seen on Splitcoaststampers...A win win!

  4. Susan, your wine glass is lovely stamped in the Merlot pigment ink. You asked what your readers are drinking these days. I've just begun making my own probiotic drink made from water Keifer grains. It's healthy and refreshing.

  5. I too love your card. I've been drinking way too much Diet Coke.

  6. Wow that ink ink actually looks like a merlot! smooth and rich. Love the card. Thanks for the recent dog pics, I always enjoy seeing others fur babies. I might make it to the large glass level, and it's definitely a melot or a nice shiraz.

  7. Beautiful ink color, so smooth and rich. It makes me want to drink it. I've been hitting the water pretty hard these days. It's been my drink of choice since forever. I'm with you on being a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. Just a sip will do me in.


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