Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I've decided that a very tiny and unattractive part of me really envies peebsmama at SCS for her LOVE of making masculine cards. Dang, she pulls them off beautfully. I, on the other hand, dread making birthday cards for DH, my cousins' hubbies, and my uncles. Dudes are weird. Just sayin'.

My seven-year-old nephew, however, is one of my biggest fans who loves everything I make. Some little dudes have excellent taste.

Another conflicted part of me is incredibly bipolar about office supplies. I have adored them since high school, used them gleefully and wastefully for real-world applications, a conspicuous consumer of all things sold at Office Depot. But now that I "do" papercrafts, I am at a loss when it comes to using office supplies in my art and mostly just hoard them. Like the stamp in yesterday's Blue Madonna card, I think it's going to take years to figure them out.

I'm pumped, I'm determined, I'm excited about this challenge, and I'm off to a slow start with today's card, which I made for the CAS28 Masculine Card challenge a few weeks back. Not sure why I don't like it. Feel free to enlighten me. It's not a bad card, I think. That little paper clip from Tim Holtz is da bomb, after all.

Perhaps I should have incorporated more color...it does look a bit, well, drab and flat. Maybe I should have inked the edges, distressed something (Oh, how I hate distressing things...I like making things happy, making them feel good about themselves, making them feel crisp and clean, not dirty and wrinkled and distressed.)

Maybe I'm the weird one, and dudes aren't so weird after all.

stamps: assorted SU stamps
cardstock: close to cocoa
ink: close to cocoa
accessories: manilla folder, paper clip, dimensionals


  1. I struggle with masculine cards, too, but I think this one's great!

  2. You absolutely slay me - you struggle with the same issues as the rest of us (especially me!) but so much more eloquently! I look at this card and think it's a perfectly good card, but I struggle to see you in it. (It reminds me when my son will tell me when he thinks something I've made is just not my style - usually I'm trying someone else's style). Maybe it's the lack of white? The busy-ness of the background? I think a plain brown card with just the little birthday folder would remind me more of you! LOL! Thanks for continuing to put yourself out her for us to see!

  3. I am with ya on the envy of peebsmama....she can do a masculine card!!! I pretty much have decided to never give boys cards. They don't like my flowers. I do like this card, though. I love the little file folder you made. The position of it is so eye-catching. All in all, this is definitely a keeper in my book. And I think Susan {peebsmama} will agree!

  4. Oh how neat! I like it! The file folder gives it such interest and the paper clip is perfect of course! And what a great card to give someone who works in an office with a Office Depot give card! Very cool! Great job!

  5. I think it's great!!! It's simply perfect for a guy! What a great idea to incorporate office supplies. Love the layout! Isn't it such a relief to have posted it now?!

  6. I agree with Ardyth- while its a nice card, it seems out of character for you. We all have to try new things though!

    I think it doesn't look quite as balanced as your cards usually do- there's a lot of background on the left side, but it doesn't so much look like subtle background as it does a large element that just doesn't fit.

    Don't get em wrong- I think it's a great card, it's just that you've set a pretty high bar for yourself to reach :)

  7. After my last lengthy post all I will say is ditto Ardyth without the son .... well I only have girls ;-)

  8. ha, so you have had that office supply background stamp in your stash for how long???
    I like this card, I like the tone on tone and the sweet little file folder. Don't even get me started on the wee paperclip.
    I think you did a super job here.

  9. You know, it's funny- I think my husband is the biggest supporter of my cards but I DREAD making masculine ones, especially for him. Always worried what he'll think!

  10. you've got me!! I have a hard time creating masculine cards too....especially those that incorporate office supply-like stamps, images, and items. You'll notice I don't own any....:D I think your card is great!! wishing I could do one that is half as nice as what you have here!!

  11. I actually like what you have done here! I think this is perfect for a 'dude'. I think most of us struggle with masculine cards. I love the tone on tone stamping and great use of office supplies!:)

  12. Susan, I beg to differ with you sorry and I,in turn may have this tiny unattractive envie of your work, right here.

    Love this one and the new one you made today. Awesome talent lady!

    Kindly, Peggy


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