Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Want Eyelets?

This is my second post today. If you want to see cards, please scroll down to today's earlier post.

In my never-ending quest for a perfectly organized craft space, I try to purge supplies that I will never use. Some of this stuff is in the category of "so cheap why the heck did I buy it in the first place" and other stuff is the category of "great stuff but doesn't work for me." I decided stuff in the second category might find a happy home with a reader of my blog.

I have about a thousand eyelets that I will never use in a wide range of colors. These are mostly standard eyelets from a variety of sources, with a few snaps thrown in for good measure. Instead of giving these to GoodWill, however, I figured if one of my kind readers WANTED eyelets, well, by golly, she can have them.

Leave a comment on this post telling me why you would be happy to receive a bunch of eyelets in the mail, and I'll have a random drawing after 6:00 PM EDST on Wednesday, August 5th to choose a winner.

Any takers?

Edited to add photo....


  1. How generous of you to share your unused goodies! I love eyelets. They are great for balancing the white space on CAS cards (two or three in a line to complete a visual triangle!!) so I'm suprised you don't like them.... you are the queen of CAS, don't ya know that?!?!?

  2. I really like your blog and card
    designs. CAS is my favorite style
    and you do it so well. I also
    have unused eyelets so don't count
    me in the drawing.

  3. What a generous gesture! I would love any unwanted eyelets you choose to give away. I make a 3D project every month; 30-40 at a time to give away to friends, family and neighbors and go through alot of eyelets whenever I use ribbon for holders which is often! Thanks for the chance to stock up. jmniffer

  4. That's very nice of you to give those eyelets a new home! I like eyelets (and brads) to use as a finishing touch. I tend to make fairly simple cards/layouts, but like the little detail that eyelets can give. I too like to do rows of three. On occasion I will add a large eyelet and thread something through it- also a nice detail!

    Eyelets are also fun because they impress my husband! :D

  5. I recently discovered your blog & I adore your creative style. Clean, uncluttered & fabulous use of color which really proves that "less is indeed more". Thank you for sharing:)

  6. would love some eyelets, use them quite frequently :)! But it would be great to have some more, since I am almost running out and it is one of those things that when I am at the craft store I forget to pick some up.


  7. I've been reading your blog for a while now as sometimes I just get so tired of all of those cards that are WAY overdone. Your cards are always so clean, crisp, and appealing. I do use eyelets fairly regularly as I like to use them to adhere vellum layers and thread ribbon. Its so generous of you to pass your supplies on!

  8. Wow, Susan, how generous of you! But I'll understand if you don't want to mail all the way to another country! (Canada) LOL

    Love your blogs - follow both, and I love your cards!

  9. I love eyelets. However, they are the one arsenal in my stash that I don't have many of. I guess punches, paper, stamps, and brads have always taken higher priority.

  10. Eyelets to give away??!! Thanks! Count me in! Love your cards, especially the two recent posts with the heart/quilting and the racoon,...so cute! Your work is beautiful, your simplistic approach has inspired me!

  11. Eyelets are good! I use them a lot on bookmarks and tags. I am sure I could use some extras if you are willing to share. I also love your style and plan to try a few "simple" cards like yours.

  12. I discovered your blog fairly recently, and subscribed. I love your CAS style, and am still working on achieving that visual balance you have that makes it work so well. I am inspired by your JOY Christmas card to try CAS for my cards this year. Thanks for sharing! Maybe I can use eyelets instead of gems...

  13. I wouldn't mind giving some unwanted eyelets a home :)
    I do use them on cards and scrapbook layouts. I also used most of mine earlier in June for a contest for our Relay for Life team, so I could use some more. Thanks for a chance to win some!
    Love your layouts.

  14. I chuckled when I read your entry today...I'm like you... tons of embellishments that I thought I 'needed' but have never used, or have used infrequently. Your blog giveaway gave me an idea... someone should start a SWAP BLOG-- sort of like a free craig's list concept...let's all put our unused items out there and hope they find a new home!! Thanks for you generosity...but don't count me in on this one... I too have thousands of eyelets already.

  15. I enjoy your blog - I just recently found it. I'd love a chance to win free eyelets - how nice of you!

  16. I just got a crop-a-dile and never used eyelets on it-heard it was so much easier-but all I have is brads!


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