Sunday, August 23, 2009

It Takes More than a Village

Some of you may know that my younger son has a form of autism called by the extremely clunky name Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified. His developmental delays are not terribly obvious to most people, but he requires a high level of services through our area Children's Hospital and school system, including speech, occupational, and physical therapy, special education services, an inclusion classroom, aides, and summer school. In the last three years, he has received support from over thirty education professionals at two different schools. This year, he will be in a TEACCH classroom (autism-specific) half the day and in a regular classroom the rest of the day, which means he will have seven professionals guiding him through first grade, not including the PE coach, librarian, music, and art teachers.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to thank ALL these wonderful people? I coordinate Jack's care and am the center of communication for all the educators, the therapists at the hospital, and the developmental pediatrician at our military hospital. But they know so much more than I ever could about how to do their jobs. I'm grateful daily for the dedication and hard work and LOVE that these women and men put into their jobs. I see the progress Jack is making because of them, and my heart overflows with gratitude. Which, for the craft-obsessed, means sayin' thanks with paper and ink.

But when you have more than a village to thank, you gotta keep it simple. When I made this card, I realized I had a thank you card I could mass produce for the summer school staff who helped Jack through extended school year in July.

If you're reading this and are one of the people who touches the lives of children with special needs, thank you. This card's for you.

Stamps: PTI Fruitful, Paper Tray
cardstock: PTI white
ink: Versacolor cubes
accessories: none


  1. This is an awesome design Susan! My daughter Lexi has Aspbergers Syndrome so I understand the gratitude towards all the professionals that have been helping us since this has been identified! It is overwhelming. Your coordination is definitely a full time job and so important - Jack is a lucky boy! Hugs, Harriet

  2. Ooh perfect apples. What a thoughtful gesture. I'm sure that all the folks involved will appreciate it. Gorgeous!

  3. Lovely card, Susan, and perfect for mass producing. I'm so glad you have the help of so many caring people, I'm sure they will appreciate a handmade thank you.

  4. Girlie, I LOVE your style! So many times, I have glitter in my hair and glue under my nails trying sooo hard.....when simple says it so much better. My 2 sons are ADHD and I have a sprinkle of it too!LOL
    My best wishes to you and your son for this school year. Hang in there, it finds it's own rhythm.

  5. Beautiful card!!! What a blessing to have all those wonderful people in your lives!

  6. What a lovely card and may your son continue to be cared for by such a wonderful group of people.
    I have a question - with all the co-ordinating (which must take oddles of your time), your 3 blogs, a home and family to care for WHEN do you find time to create all the beautiful cards that appear here every week (day!!)
    You are truly an amazing, inspirational lady.
    TFS :-)

  7. The card is beautiful.
    But what is truly beautiful is that you have so many people in your lives that work so hard and with so much love and dedication.

  8. this is got to be my favorite card ever!!


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