Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More CAS26

This week's CAS26 challenge made me very happy. I loathe, despise, and generally hate sewing, mainly because I'm really bad at it and don't have the patience to learn to do it well like my mom, who is a fine artist (watercolor, pastels, oil) and textile artist. She kept all those creative genes for herself, thank you very much.

My creative gene, which I have nurtured for the past eight years, likes paper...and rubber...and ink. When I found that I could rubber stamp art, I did a happy dance. Mom doesn't understand why I would buy stamps when the images are so easy to draw. I'm rolling my eyes right now. She totally doesn't get it.

So a few years ago, when I found a stitch stamp set called Hemlines from Paper Salon, I snatched that bad baby up. And bad baby it is. I think PS is out of business now, and I so understand why. They sold UM rubber with a totally terrible backing that barely clings to anything. (It's not EZ-mount...not sure what it is.)

Anywho, I rarely use these stamps but this week's challenge sang to me because I DIDN'T HAVE TO SEW...I COULD STAMP! Here are a couple more cards I made. Hope you like them...'cause I sure do.

The above card happened because the cross stitch row stamp was right next to the row of circles in my storage tin, and I thought...x's and o's, hugs and kisses, OH MY GOSH. That works perfectly with this sentiment from PTI's Quilter's Sampler set, which I bought so I could make quilt cards for mom and my MIL and my aunt...all of whom quilt. It took two tries to get the border in the right place, but it was worth the wasted paper, don't you think?

This raccoon stamp comes from Hero Arts. You'll notice it's an outline stamp (don't see those often on this blog, do ya?). Yes, I had to COLOR IT IN with colored pencils and a blender pencil. Just because I have most coloring tools known to papercraft kind doesn't mean I can USE them, if you know what I mean, so I looked up the stamp set in the Hero catalog and tried to copy what was in the picture there. It turned out okay, I think, especially for me. But don't ask where the light is coming from. He's cute anyway, don't you think?

I'm an abstract colorer. Yeah, that's it. Why should light only come from one direction? Why follow the rules?

Oh, bother.


  1. Love both cards but especially the first one. That PTI sentiment goes perfectly. Send me your email and I'll send you the prize you won on my blog -berkerster@gmail.com

  2. These are SO great! I'll definitely being case-ing that raccoon card. I gasped when I saw it! The layout is fantastic. Your coloring is wonderful! I never know where the light is coming from, I just leave some white spaces and call it a day. :)

  3. Lol, your coloring saga sounds like mine! I'm happy to just stay in the lines! The x and o card is genius, and the raccoon one is perfection!

  4. I loved reading your post today - totally cracked me up! These cards are so awesome and you know you inspired me with the quilters sampler one!

  5. Thankfully my mom the artist is very understanding of my lack of inherent artistic talent because I'm much better than her at math!

    I love your stitching theme stamps! I too am not skilled in the art of sewing, which is a shame because I really like the look!

  6. I am with you on the coloring. I paint (a little) but I would rather stamp my art!
    You are doing a great job with this weeks challenge!

  7. These are both adorable....I used to like to sew, but stamping is so much more rewarding in a smaller amount of time!!! So stamping stitches is perfectly acceptable to me! That little raccoon is pretty darn cute, too!

  8. These two cards are so fresh, I love how they turned out. Now to go find that cute raccoon stamp....lol!


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