Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Extreme Papercrafting

Here are two more book ornaments from four years ago.

I remember having fits trying to make books with this patterned paper. I couldn't get the snowflakes to balance out nicely at all, so I kept this one and used other paper for the ones I gave away. But the idea of this book makes me so happy, I thought I'd share anyway.

The book content was created in MS Word using text boxes (I cut each page by hand using a quilting ruler and craft knife just inside the text box line...little wonder my wrists hurt so bad!). This book contains my favorite version of the Christmas story: Luke 2:1-20, King James Version. The text color coordinated with the color of the cover. I read it every year as I decorate the tree to remind me what all the hoopla is all about.

The last book I'll share is really different, as it's a triangular accordion book.

The patterned paper is so pretty, I just had to use it on an ornament. The quotation inside is from Shakespeare, handwritten over a random stamped and stippled background to mimic the paper of the cover. It says, "At Christmas I no more desire a rose / Than wish a snow in May's new-fangled mirth" (Love's Labour Lost).

This was one of the last ornaments in my ornament-making marathon, so its fastener is a band of gold elastic cord, which is much easier than a bow.

I hope you've enjoyed this little trip down Extreme Papercrafting memory lane. Tomorrow, I'm posting a CAS card...cross my heart!


  1. I most certainly have enjoyed the trip with you.
    This Christmas story book is just so beautiful (even CAS!!!)
    Forgot to say in previous post that I just love the tiny stamp book, think it's really cute.
    Again many thanks for sharing your many paper crafting talents and ideas.

  2. Wow Susan these book ornaments (and those in yesterday's post) are totally awesome! Thanks for your walk down memory lane!!

  3. Wow. I am so glad you shared these little beauties with us. I certainly hope your gift recipients appreciated the work you put into these.

  4. Oh you just can't imagine what pleasure it is to walk down this memory lane with you. It's so fun to look at your art.

    And also inspirational......I would love to make books of my grandchildren's wallet-sized school photos over the years, now that they're all finished with school. Maybe I'll get the patience one of these days. I know they have the photos themselves, but I think it would be a real treat to each have them in a small sized "book" for their children to look at in the future.

    Thanks for being so generous with your time and talent, Susan.

  5. are crazy :-) LOL but in a great way !! Thanks for all the inspriation!! You never fail to amaze me!!

  6. More amazing creations... No wonder your family flipped over your book ornaments.

  7. I love book binding! Thanks for the inspriration to put something together.


  8. These are fabulous, and I'm so glad you've shared them! Great memory lane projects!!

  9. I am blown away by your extreme papercrafting. I love these little books you created and although they might have driven you crazy and almost blind I can see why your persevered. They are lovely and so unique. I have always wanted to make my own books, it is on my list along with marbling and a bunch of other cool things I am going to try one day.


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