Friday, November 13, 2009

More Shadowbox Ornaments

As promised yesterday, here's my sparkly circular shadowbox snowflake ornament.

Isn't it beautiful! The glitter paper is from Doodlebug (bought at Hobby Lobby) and is the perfect weight--heavy enough for an ornament, but not too heavy for the punch.

The shimmer paper used on the ornament below is also lovely, if not quite so blingy.

Is blingy a word? I need more coffee.

Unfortunately, this particular shimmer paper (don't know the brand) is way too thick for my punches. I almost broke the scalloped punch on it. THAT would be tragic.

At 11:30 last night, I had to admit to myself that I've become a bit obsessed with making variations of these and need to rein myself in. Sheesh. Here are a few thoughts that have come out of making bunches of these.

1. If the top scalloped shape is a radically different color than the base, it bothers AR/OC me. I've made a few red and white ones, but the fact that the white base peeks out behind the real red top layer distracts. If you are not AR/OC, you are soooo lucky.

2. Having Nesties would make this SO much easier. Also, those cool Nestie label shapes would make great ornaments, don't you think? Not having just the right size punches and a fun variety of shapes is frustrating and limits what I've been able to do.

3. Limits are good things.

4. Disregard #3. I'm just trying to comfort myself.

5. Green ornaments don't show up on green trees. Yes, I'm a master of the obvious, but when the tree isn't right in front of you, this truth is easy to forget. Several years ago, I made over 100 ornaments for gifts, and at least half were green. I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but I rarely make the same mistake twice. [My husband would disagree. But he's a dude. What does he know?]

6. Just in case you think I've forgotten about cards, consider this very CAS Noel card I made months ago and forgot to post. I used Elegant Eggplant because I had a scalloped oval already punched and begging to be used.

I intended to put gemstones on the dots, but all my purple gems were too big, and my purple Stickles is the wrong shade. What was I saying about limits? The tiny clear gems looked too garish, so I left it alone. You could easily mass-produce these for Christmas thank you notes. I always need tons of those.

Thanks for sticking with this post all the way through. If you make variations on these oranments, I'd love it if you link to them in the comments here. I really do think the sky's the limits with this very basic idea. Adding a transparency layer to make shaker ornaments, varying shapes and colors and focal points, getting creative with the hanger.... The possibilities boggle the mind!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Supplies for Card
stamp: PTI Merry and Bright Additions
ink: elegant eggplant
paper: PTI white, SU elegant eggplant
accessories: SU scalloped and oval punches, dimensionals


  1. oooh, love the snowflake and the shimmery blue!! and I had thought it would be a great shaker ornament .. ds would love that!! Thanks for all the ideas!!

  2. That glittery ornament is gorgeous! I think I have some of that paper...somewhere. I have the Nesties but punches are so much easier sometimes. Especially if you are making more than one of something. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. what perfect glitter paper. i just adore the snowflake, it looks like it was plucked off a fresh snowbank.

  4. LOL @ disregard #3! I love these ornaments. They are absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe you made over 100 of these in one year. I probably won't do that in my life! But they are fabulous, and I bet the recipients love them!

  5. Rebecca, I didn't make 100 of THESE ornaments. No, it's so much worse than that. I made over a hundred BOOK ornaments: ornaments that were tiny, tiny BOOKS, with pages and spines and even stuff stamped in some of them. I made about 10 different designs (no more than 10 of each, sometimes fewer). I'll post some of them eventually because I kept one of most of the designs for my own tree.

    I gave myself horrible, crippling wrist pain that year. That's why my obsession with making these punch ornaments is so scary! MUST STOP!!!

  6. Well mine is from your directions from yesterday and I should have stamped the sentiment a little higher but I didn't have time to do it over once the deed was done. Mine is here:

    Did you have coffee yet?

  7. I love the card - so simple. Thanks for the heads up on the green ornaments!

  8. Ooooooh just love the glittery snowflake. You really are a hoot, I LOL at #5... the bit in brackets!!!! Your genius making ornaments knows no bounds .... 100 small books are you nuts?? My admiration for you grows daily (no I am not a stalker just know talent when I see it)
    Can I be you when I grow up? (just ignore the fact that I am already older than you - yes that old!!!)
    Your card defies words ... amazing simplicity.
    TFS your talent, ideas and great commentary .... don't you just love this blog.

  9. Just lovely ornaments. I can't imagine making that many ornaments. No wonder your wrist was sore....we can't have that this year as we need you to keep inspiring us and creating,

  10. Christine, You can't be her when you grow up 'cause I already have dibs on that adventure. BUT, you can be her when I'm gone, which will be way before you because I am older than mud!

    Meantime, Susan, if you get the Nesties then you will have to have the Big Shot and you will have to change your brain because those machines refuse to sit idle, and then your cards won't be able to be clean and simple anymore.

    Love the ornaments!


  11. Your ornaments are so pretty and sparkly!! Love your simple card as well!!


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