Monday, November 23, 2009

Spread Sunshine

So, Ohio, for all its wonderfulness, starts being gray and dreary in November and stays gray and dreary until March. Last winter, I would look out at every gray and dreary day and say, out loud, "What a beautiful, sunshiny day!"

You'd be amazed how lying to yourself works. Give it a try. I really was happier last winter than in any previous winter since we moved here.

As I was perusing photo files trying to decide what to back up, I found this card that never got posted:

Can't you just taste the citrus? When I put on my critic's cap, I know this card isn't perfect (somehow, the black box and sentiment seem totally separate from the citrus slices, but I'll be darned if I can think of how to unify them right now other than drawing the box in yellow, and I'm not sure that would look good either).

When I put on my sunshiny day cap, however, I think this card is SWELL!

I'm wearing my sunshiny day cap today. My critic's cap is buried in a bin in the basement with my summer clothes. It's much easier to be critical when the sun is shining.

It's a beautiful, sunshiny day here in Ohio (at least in my head). I hope this card makes your day sunshiny, too!

stamps: PTI Be Fruitful, Hero Arts sentiment
paper: PTI white
ink: darned if I remember
accessories: rhinestones, black Micron pen, ruler


  1. I love this card - don't think it looks disjointed at all.

  2. Very cute and bright card.
    I love how you photograph your cards, it really brings out the best in them!
    Thanks for sharing the sunshine!

  3. Love it! So sunny & cheerful. Don't change a thing!

  4. I think this card is perfect! Just what I need to see as the rain is pouring down! And I really like your philosophy. I am going to adopt it here on the wet coast. (Vancouver's weather is like Seattle's). My husband will think I'm crazy, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing either.

  5. you make me smile!! and so does your card. I have no idea how to make it any more perfect than it already is!!

  6. This neck of the woods is sunshiny too (not!!) It sounds like you're suffering from S.A.D. I get it too. I found something that is distracting me...working to make my home comfy and presentable. It's a hard job, but it really needs it, lol.

    Keep smiling, brave lady.

  7. It's a sunshiny day here in North Devon,UK .... I lie too!!! We are having a wet wall to wall grey winter so far so I think I will adopt your great way to look at life to get through the next few months. Reading your blog is a real sunshiny place to be too especially with cards like this one ... please keep that critics hat firmly buried.

  8. Well I love it. I think the bright, kicky colors are perfect. We are having an unusally cloudy day here, but I have on my sunshiny cap, too.

  9. The card looks yummy! The bright colors are perfect.


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