Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mass Production [edited]

Let's just say that mass production isn't my favorite. Making more than four of anything is mentally painful for me, and yet when you're making stuff for lots of people, as at Christmas, mass production is the only way to go. Consider this:

I made 150 of these in the last month to give to my children's teachers, aides, and therapists. They are now neatly packaged in sets of ten with ten envelopes in PTI's clear boxes. See.

I'm so glad these are finished and ready to wrap. Each side is lined with a gold prismacolor marker, meaning I lined 600 sides total. Each card has three dots of glitter glue on it, which means I applied 450 dots of gold Stickles. Not that I'm counting or anything.

There aren't words for the boredom of this project. THERE AREN'T WORDS!!!

Then, there are these:

They are filled with Russian Tea mix and have little Avery labels on the back with instructions. There are only twelve, so not so bad, I suppose. But I had to punch 36 snowflakes for them. And another 36 for these:

I didn't have enough gemstones for all twelve of these, so I used red Stickles instead. Sigh.

The one fun mass-production project of the season has been a tradition in our family for three years now. Jack LOVES to make these Sugar Plums, and this year the elderly ten-year-old deigned to help, too:

This is just a half-batch and we still need to make the other half. Using pipe cleaners and jingle bells is brilliant (my idea!) to tie the bags over the sugar plums. In years past, I used red rafia or curly ribbon, tied into bows. WAY too time consuming and tedious. Pipe cleaners are easier and quicker, and the jingle bells are so festive, don't you think? These go to the neighborhood children, bus drivers and bus aides, and school friends.

Yesterday, my latest order from Stampin'Treasures arrived. It included THIS SET from Hero Arts. I know, I know. It's full of outline images, but aren't they cute? I've got so many ideas for these. After weeks of mind-numbing mass production, I'm looking forward to playing this afternoon.

Feel free to link in the comments to your own mass production projects this year. I'd love to see what you're making, too!


  1. 150!!!! I mean, really, 150??? I could not do it. Kudos to you.

  2. I know how you feel about mass reason for not making wedding invitations...the amount of boredom is just awful...I don't like repeats...but yes, at Christmas some factory line principle is needed to move forward. Love all your stuff as usual.

  3. I totally agree....I can't do more than 6 of any card or I go insane!! I am sooooo impressed with your perserverance!! And I Love love love your sugar plums!! Totally gotta steal that idea!!

  4. Your mass production has me exhausted and I'll I've done is read about it. I love the sugarplums, though, and especially the link and the pipe cleaner tips. I'm going to let the kiddos try this. Maybe! [hopefully]

  5. I have been busy with some mass production of my own, but now I may have to add those cute little sugar plums to the mix!
    Your gift card sets are beautiful and will be appreciated, the bags of russian tea mix are very cute and thoughtful.

  6. Those sugarplums are such a neat idea! I've got 5 and 3 yr old daughters whom I'm SURE would love to take part in a project like this! :) tfs

  7. My goodness, now that is mass production!!

    My production of notecards for 2 teachers plus 30 Christmas cards hardly compares so I am going to stop complaining about my sore arm from cranking cardstock through the Cuttlebug! lol!!

    Gorgeous gifts Susan and the sugarplums look like fun...I can't figure out what Candy Melts might be though, I don't know that we have something similar here in Australia.

  8. Can't mass produce.....short attention span. Looks like you did a great job.

  9. Okay...those sugarplums are really cute! We might be making those this weekend! Thanks. :0)

  10. Oh my gosh, my head is spinning thinking about making so many cards all the same. I detest mass producing too. You are a saint! I would have lost the will to live after the first box. I hope everyone enjoys their gift and understands the sacrifice - LOL!

  11. I checked the recipe. What are "candy melts"? Those little candy "wafers"?

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!


  12. I don't mind a little mass production but on this scale ... this is mega. I made all the staionery for my youngest daughter's wedding this year and that was a labour of love so didn't mind....
    I truely hope the recipients really appreciate all your hard work. I bet there is not one that is just a little askew either!!!!

    Love the sugar plums not sure we have anything equivalent to candy melts over here in the UK so may have to improvise....


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