Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When Things Go Sideways

While this card isn't perfect, please, as you look at it, IMAGINE that the pink is darker, the green lighter, and the butterfly more dimensional. Because really and truly, this card is much more balanced than the photo would indicate, despite relentless fiddling in Picasa.

You see, Picasa was just the final frustration with this card.

Here is the card that I referred to yesterday: the formerly one-layer card on which I stamped the sentiment badly. I pressed too hard on the stamp and the lines got all wonky-looking. I stamped it again (notice how neatly!) on a scrap and cut it out to cover up the mistake.

Yay, Susan! You saved the day!

Then I thought, golly, wouldn't it be cool to round the upper right and lower left corners of the sentiment panel, where the leaves aren't?

Yep. Do that, Susan! It'll look so, like, you know, RADICAL!

Then, I thought, hey, wait a minute! Wouldn't a butterfly look great here? It would add a touch of interest to an otherwise semi-boring card.

Oooooh, YES! Do that, Susan. You are undeniably a genius!

So I punched some butterflies in blush blossom, but the color didn't quite work with the VersaColor cinnamon. I tried stamping a polka dot background and punching out a butterfly from it, but that looked totally weird. I finally beat a safe retreat to white with olive gems. Well, I could live with it, even if it's not completely perfect.

Maybe you're still a genius. Even Leonardo da Vinci screwed up every now and then.*

Then I put dimensionals on the sentiment panel, adhered it to the card, glued down the butterfly, added the rhinestones, and propped the card up to admire it.

Susan, you're an idiot!

Do you see the problem? Where, oh where, are the two rounded corners? Grrr. That darn butterfly totally distracted me from my plan for the corners. Papercrafting ADD, that's what I have. And now I'm so disgusted with the whole card, I'm not even going to bother trying to make it again....

Because I just couldn't bear it if the rounded corners didn't save this card and elevate it to the status of something worthy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (*snort*)

Especially because there's no chance rounded corners would elevate this card since the butterfly almost covers the upper right corner, so what's the point anyway? (*big snort*)

Especially particularly because giving up and starting anew is sometimes absolutely the right thing to do when things go sideways.

*Although Leo certainly wouldn't have posted the results of his less-than-genius creations on the internet for comic effect. Leave that desire to spread joy and laughter to me. Now, go make something and love it, even if it goes sideways!


  1. I know that you aren't happy with how the photo shows your work, but from where I'm sitting, its quite beautiful. And, almost all things are better in real life. So, thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Besides the fact that I adore just about every card you post, and aspire to do CAS even half as well, I love reading the commentary on your process. I look forward to checking your blog every day. It is fun!!! And we all need more fun.

  3. I don't know if I like your CAS style more, or the laughter I get when I read about a "card gone wrong!"

  4. I think it is just fabulous.
    {but reading your innermost thoughts are good for a giggle}

  5. I think the card is lovely. In fact, I wish you would please stop posting all these lovely cards with the New Leaf set. I had convinced myself that I did not need this set and all your cards are rapidly changing my mind. Thanks for sharing your stunning work.

  6. I love the thought process on this post! It makes me feel not quite so crazy, because I do this, too :) Oh and thanks for making me buy the New Leaf set... you're such an enabler!

  7. I too love to read what goes through your mind when you are creating!! Thanks for making me laugh today! And I do like your card!!

  8. I love your card and your commentary made me laugh too! I have just browsed around your blog and I love what you have been doing with this wonderful new PTI set. Actually I love everything that you do!! Thanks for inspiring and making me laugh!:)

  9. While it looks great to me, I'm so glad you posted your "sideways" card, since I've had one of those days... everything that could go wrong did with a card that looked beautiful in my head! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jeeze - what do I like more: your cards or your commentary? You inspire me and make me laugh. Thank you.

  11. I totally understand your frustration but I don't think it needs the rounded corners - I like it just the way it is. If you're anything like me, it makes no difference - you are unhappy with the card and that's that. Been there... go there often, actually. But I still like the card.

  12. You are SUCH a riot, Susan. I'd give my soul to have one of my boo-boo cards turn out looking like that. Heck, I'd give my soul to have one of my BEST cards turn out looking that good.

  13. Susan you are such a tonic .... I am LOL at this post. Yours is the first message I go to and you never fail. You make me happy when skies are grey (is that a song trying to get out?!?!) and you inspire me with your fabulous cards.
    This is another beauty with or without the rounded corners ... You are way too critical of your work but your thought processes make great commentary. How come when I make a boo boo with a sentiment it is usually impossible to cover up ... see even your mistakes are good ones!

  14. Thanks for being so real with your readers ~ it brought a smile! (...and the card is wonderful, even w/o rounded corners, one that anyone would be so happy to receive and would not bother picking it apart as we as creators so often do...)

  15. I can so relate to your post, Susan...but I think your card turned out very beautiful!

  16. You crack me up!! Love that you posted this card and everything that went into it (or accidentally got left off!). It is pretty- and I can totally imagine the different shades you say it really is!

  17. hi susan,
    when i first read this post, quickly, i thought you wanted to round to 2 corners of your card. i have seen that a few places and it looks very interesting.

    and anyway i agree with all your other adoring fans, you are the best. brilliant, witty, clever, and oh sooo talented. thanks for making such a bright spot in every day.
    marty ferraro


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