Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spotlight: Orange

In a desperate bid to make a card that didn't have green or red on it, I pulled out my orange sharpie and made a happy owl card:

Three spots of orange and a happy owl. It's so delightfully NOT a Christmas card.

Can you tell I mailed the last of my Christmas cards yesterday? Happy dance!

Simplicity Wisdom: I read at SCS that grosgrain ribbon is so yesterday. Hmm. Simplicity begs to disagree. You can use ANY supply you have in your stash TODAY, no matter how old it is. And use it proudly, by golly, because most of the people who receive our cards DON'T KNOW that grosgrain is trending out or that all the cool kids are using Nesties. If anyone tries to bully you on this, tell them to take it up with me.

So there.

stamps: Hero Arts, PTI sentiment
paper: PTI vintage cream
ink: Palette noir, VersaColor orange
accessories: sharpie, ribbon, dimensionals


  1. Lovely commentary on grosgrain ribbon. I love this stuff and have a lot of it. You can do so many things with grosgrain, and it is so delightful in its texture. I'm one of those gals that don't tend to get on the trendy bandwagon-mostly because of finances but partly because it is fun to see what I design with things I already have on hand. Your blog is simply delightful and it always makes me think.

  2. I agree totally!!! I use what I have and I don't care how old it really is...if I like it, I use it!! (however I still follow trends too..sheesh!!). I love this card. My favorite thing about it is how you have that cute owl looking up at the sentiment!!

  3. spot on, susan!
    love this card.
    clever,cute, happy.
    thanks for sharing.
    what is the name of this stamp set?
    i've been lookin, but haven't tracked it down yet. i'm figuring it is from hero arts?
    marty ferraro

  4. Love this card. Grosgrain isn't trendy. Good grief, the manufacturers push these trends to keep us buying new stuff. I'll join the club of the not trendy!!

  5. Just call it 'classic' or 'vintage' and you're good to go!

  6. never mind, susan.
    i found this set on hero arts website. guess i was just looking in the wrong spot.
    enjoy your weekend.

  7. Standing with you on not trendy...if you like it use it. Besides the fact that once someone declares it out of vogue it moves towards vintage.

    I like the way the raised white layer emphasizes this image.

    (so trying to be word conscious since I know how you love words!!!)

    patti moffett

  8. I love the orangeness of this card. My stamping supplies just want to be loved, they don't care if they are trendy or not.

  9. Orange is one of my favorite colors! Great card! If you've been stamping long enough all the "trends" come back around. They just put them in different packaging or the latest hot color. I don't buy too many "tools" anymore and only purchase things I need to teach my classes.

  10. Amen, sister!
    Let's use up that stash.

    Diane M

  11. Oooh, I LOVE the orange, Susan! I got your Christmas card the other day...such a nice surprise! Thank you! :D

  12. You are working the white on white - love it -
    My only grip with grosgrain is that is hard to tie plus it is spelled funny/weird (two gripes, huh?)

  13. This owl is So adorable. I like that you chose orange. It's a color I don't use enough of.

    Grosgrain is out? I guess I better rid my stash of it lest I be considered out-of-fashion. Not! Who makes these silly rules about what's in and what's not anyway?

  14. Cute card. Grosgrain is never leaving my supply of cardmaking essentials. If it's on it's way out, I say we keep using it until it's back in.

  15. Your post is hilarious and I am so thankful for your POV - I had no idea that grosgrain was now considered 'out' by assuming powers. Guess I've never been 'in'. {giggle} Love your work!

  16. Grosgrain has been around since I was a kid and that was over 40 years ago. So, yes, I think it could safely be considered vintage. Not to mention timeless. This owl is wonderful and I do like orange.

  17. Grosgrain not trendy ... thats me all over behind the times and loving it!! I have always had it in my craft/sewing supplies and long may it remain. I'm right there with you Susan no bullying for us by anyone!! I don't own nesties either .......
    Love the card and that orange spoon is so cute.

  18. Love the card, love the orange.
    I will proudly stand by you and use whatever I have on hand {till it is gone} and trends be damned.

  19. Trends? Humph! Most don't call my name until I see them here and think I can't live without copying them at least once, which is why I'm so thrilled the Simplicity "trends" don't require expensive supplies and/or equipment. I'm on a bling jag for the moment, inspired by Susan.

  20. Ha ha ha...if they're going out, I'm in trouble, as I've got a whole...load of them. ;-) Oh well, I like 'em. Great card, btw! :)

  21. Bahb, I think I can guarantee you're not going to find too many expensive trends here at Simplicity!

    Thanks, everyone. It's good to know I'm not alone.


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