Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Swirl Christmas Card

I'm too full of turkey and mashed potatoes to do the post I'd planned about inspiration, so instead I'm going to share this pretty shimmery reindeer card that uses one of my favorite inks: Brilliance Pearlescent Beige.

The reindeer is from Hero Arts and the sentiment from Papertrey. The sentiment is stamped in VersaColor bark. The nontraditional colors are really striking and, in my opinion, make this super-simple card something special.

Happy Friday, everyone. How many of you are going shopping? I'm staying home and starting to decorate for Christmas!


  1. As you've said before: "Leonardo was right." However do you decide what color inks to use? This is indeed a sophisticated looking card.

    Thanks for sharing your talents! I'm looking forward to your tutorial on finding inspiration.
    I barely go shopping to begin with, so Black Friday is a definite stay-at-home day for me!


  2. The colors are striking in this card - not 2 normally chosen for Christmas cards.
    I'm off to work but even if I were lucky enough to be off there is no way I'd be shopping today.

  3. Pretty card!
    I am up, but not ready to shop. My daughter, who is home from college really wants to. Since she is still sleeping (and it takes her hours to get ready) I just might get to pass....

    Enjoy the day,

  4. I think that sentiment is perfect - love, love, love the font. I am searching for a sentiment that just says "Merry Christmas" ... believe it not I don't own one! Which set is that one from???

    I'm so jealous that you guys are eating yummy turkey!! Happy thanksgiving!! enjoy your weekend!

  5. Your card is gorgeous. I never shop on Black Friday, not even in the evening. I can't stand massive crowds.

  6. I envy you your turkey dinner - one of my favourite meals. My Thanksgiving dinner is a distant memory, since I'm Canadian and it was many weeks ago. Interesting to note that our Canadian stores are jumping on your Black Friday shopping event and having mega-sales up here this weekend (I think it's to stop lots of Canadians heading south to shop). Me, I can't stand shopping when it's crowded so I'm having a quiet day getting together with my knitting group.

  7. Forgot to say - I love the card and I love Pearlescent Beige. I use it when I want a subtle gold-like colour instead of a bright shimmery gold ink.

  8. thanks for the great card, susan.
    think i will buy some of that color, but NOT TODAY. i am soo not a shopper. hate crowds. our son is here from denver, so we are having family time! yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and to our canadian friends, my sister taught me that turkey doesnt have to be only for thanksgiving. i cook a turkey breast every few months cuz we love it. delicious!!

    enjoy your day!

  9. Beautiful card, Susan. I haven't seen pearlescent beige in any of the stores I frequent, but it sounds like I need it! :P

  10. Simplicity at it's best. Great reindeer.

    My hubby was on duty last night and had to patrol near the mall. He said at 1:00 am the parking lot was half full and people were lined up at all the entrances. It was cold, windy and raining last night and those people had to wait there until the mall opened at 6 am. Those are some dedicated shoppers. Not me. I wouldn't even consider going out shopping today - deals or no deals.


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