Monday, November 1, 2010

Three Things

1. Thanks so much for all your kind comments about my son Jack's progress last week. Y'all are so sweet!

2. Several of you commented that you liked the clean look of Simplicity, with no blinkies, wallpaper, or music. Blogs are a very personal representation of an individual's vision, and I'm so grateful there are so many different, individual looks out there. Everyone is bound to find something that's appealing to them in the world of stamping blogs! Simplicity's minimalism is extremely deliberate, so thank you for noticing.

3. Edie3 asked how I decide color choices. There are lots of things I think of when it comes to color: mood, energy, appropriateness to theme of the card, etc. For instance, every time I make a red and white Christmas card with the word Peace on it, I wonder if red is a color of peace. I actually fret over it. Happy cards usually get happy colors (brights), sympathy/thinking of you cards get soft colors, thank you cards can be anything. Also, I get color inspiration from all over the place (nature, Target, magazines...especially the ads and covers, etc.) and enjoy playing with unexpected colors (such as my pink Christmas card). Mostly, I keep cards either monochromatic (multiple shades of a single color) paired with a neutral or two colors and a neutral. More colors than that, and I start getting hives. Although...doing rainbow cards (six different brads in a row, for instance) is fun. Hope that answers your question, edie3!


  1. Good job you can't see my latest card it is NOT your style!!!
    Not sure that it's mine either but don't really think I have one.....Wish I did though, life would be so much easier!!
    Thanks for sharing how you pick colours.

  2. I was also so happy to read how well you little guy is must be just smiling from ear to ear and so proud of all the progress he is making. Kids are capable of so much with support and encouragement...I know he gets lots of that.


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