Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Basically, Lots of Butterflies

My apologies in advance to whoever doesn't like butterflies, because here I am posting butterflies two days in a row.

I'm rather fond of butterflies.

"Why couldn't it be, 'Follow the butterflies'?"

*giggle* Bet you can't even think that line without giving it Ron Weasley's voice.

Anyway, here's today's card, which is just full of butterflies.

I have no brilliant design observations about this card except that the solid and outline butterflies both form triangles with different angles, and that this card is two layers because I stamped the butterflies too far to the right on the original one-layer card. It was visually unpleasantly asymmetrical, so I cut it out so they were centered better, and layered white on white.

You'd never have known if I hadn't told you!

Anywho, I love combining outline and solid images this way.

Several of you expressed confusion over my reference to trapped white space, so I'll try to do a tutorial on it soon. I'm also contemplating Part 3 of What Makes You Unhappy. Ah, so much going on in this little stamping blog!!!!

Thank you for motivating me.

stamps: Papertrey Birthday Basics, Modern Basics
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: dimensionals


  1. Thanks for helping me see what a fun set this is! Sometimes when I see set of stamps I can't visualize what can be done with it but then when I see projects like yours the doors of potential are unlocked : )

  2. Who wouldn't love butterflies!! Love this, so pretty!

  3. Thanks for explaining your card designs. I am starting to look at cards I see in blogland in a more analytical way and I try to figure out why the cards I like work ... at least for me. LOL

  4. I love butterflies as well and this is another great card using them!

  5. great card. I had this set and did NOTHING with it. I sat and looked and looked and got no where. Love your use of it

  6. personally I am addicted to butterflies and your good with me lol. this card is so adorable. I wish my brain worked like simple glad your around to give me ideas!

  7. Another fabulous card. I do love the outline and solid images in one design.

  8. I love butterflies. Just looking at your card made me feel happy!

  9. Love your card; love your blog. Keep it coming. This is a favorite morning stop!

  10. I am not a butterfly fan.. I will only use them on cards for a person who does like them. I think they're fine on cards made by others. I do like your butterfly card.

    I'm looking forward to the trapped white space tutorial because I don't understand the concept. And I would love to read Part 3 of your Unhappy series :)

  11. ooh, your card is so Maile-ish ... love it!!

  12. I'm obviously in the minority, as I am t.i.r.e.d of butterflies on everything, but there's no need to apologize. You love 'em, it's your blog, you get to use them as often as you wish, and I will keep coming back anyway. I do, however, like the stamp set. I just wouldn't put the antennae on. I'd likely use the stamp by stamping with the bigger parts up, then stamping with the bigger parts down and maybe in a different color beside it. I might even try a quarter turn at a time. I think it would make a great pop-art background or just a simple accent.

  13. Wonderful, Susan :) I do rather like butterflies too, and tend to gravitate toward them!


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