Friday, January 4, 2013

Too Tired to Post...

so something to think about instead.

What makes you happy in papercrafting? What doesn't make you happy in papercrafting...other than bloggers who don't post pictures?


Good night.


  1. What makes me happy in papercrafting? Knowing I can find amazing CAS inspiration from the best out there, right here, on Simplicity. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  2. I love when the card I make actually looks like the one I saw in my mind! And all the inspiration in Blogland makes me happy. But it also makes me unhappy as sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by ideas and techniques that I freeze up.

  3. What makes me happy is seeing wonderful creativity & inspiration, and working in my little space to see what I can turn out. What I don't like is the sheer quantity of PRODUCT that is pushed at every turn. Push push push. New release. Sell sell sell. I have too much stuff already. I need less stuff not more stuff. More stuff does not equal better results in what I make.

  4. What makes me happy is when I achieve my goals and when a project turns out how I imagined or better. I agree with Susan. What doesn't make me happy is the sales pitch. I will also add what doesn't make me happy is when I go to by a product direct from a store and then I'm told to find a "consultant" *sigh* if I wanted a "consultant" I already would have found one - just sell me the blasted stamps already! Thanks for letting me vent!

  5. It's 1 a.m. here in the NW. I hope you're asleep and getting your needed rest after all your going-going-going with family. At the top of my list of papercrafting happiness is the paper itself. I LOVE paper. The second thing I love is that papercrafting is always evolving and fresh. And, of course, there are the wonderful blogs that bring it all to us.

  6. What makes me happy in papercrafting is taking a walk and designing the perfect birthday card in my head. What dosent make me happy in papercrafting is not being able to get that birthday card out of my head and on to my desk.

  7. Happy? When I love a card and I have every tool and supply that I need to make it.

    Frustrated? When bloggers don't post name of product or link to products.

    Sad? I have a "real" job that gets in the way of my crafting !!

    Happiest? When I see something new and brilliant and amazing that I can learn from.

  8. Papercrafting -- I like to create and to be able to do so with as little as a blank white card, some ink, a couple stamps, and minimal embellishments is wonderful. To me, inky fingers represent time well spent. And seeing in the mirror, a spec of glitter on my face, makes me smile. :) I also like how willing papercrafters are to share their creative journey with each other. What I don't like is that there are so many product lines that are pomoted by the "names" in the industry, that are not available in popular chain craft stores. One has to purchase them on-line and if you only want one 6x6 pad, min. shipping sometimes doubles the cost, which is not cost-effective. Ordering a min. of $40 to $60 or more to attain "free" shipping, is great for them but ends up leaving crafters like me, with a box of stuff I bought but shouldn't have. Hee! I wish more product lines would become available on local levels. Perhaps, however, they never will because papercrafting patrons have "spoiled" the manufacturers by seemingly, not hesitating to pay the shipping fee, or buying the minimum to get it "free" shipping, thereby leaving the manufacturer and webstore content. Is that supply and demand? Or ... if you don't want to pay the shipping, somebody else will. Arrgghh. I'll step down from my soapbox now.

  9. I'm so happy when I sit down and let my fingers create (just like Jen mentioned) what's in my mind...and it actually looks cohesive! LOL. It's an extension of me that I can give away...
    I am especially happy for the papercrafting blogging encourages me to keep on keeping on!!!!

  10. My "word" for 2013 is "positive" so I'm trying to think how to write this in a positive way. I am going through dry spell with my crafting. Today I'm seriously thinking of selling it all. I'm really wondering if my energy needs to be directed to some other way. I have such lovely craft supplies but lack any semblance of motivation. I do, however, still enjoy reading the blogs on my dashboard and love to look at some of the samples from stampers. The paper crafting community is one of the nicest bunch of people - ever. I still want to retain my relationships even though I'm not interested in crafting myself.

  11. happy = beautiful paper; unhappy = when my brain can't do anything good with that beautiful paper! and I give up on the last one .....Hope you get some rest!

  12. What makes me happy - paper, colours, beautiful stamp images, getting an idea and having it work out, all the blogs and postings on SCS that inspire me, the way stampers share their knowledge.

    What makes me unhappy - letting my craft room get disorganized (which happens far too often), feeling pressured to get a card done in time for an occasion (which is why I make Christmas cards all year - but I just can't seem to get birthday cards made in advance), the way the computer is intruding into paper crafting (I love the idea of it being a "hand craft" - somehow digital images, computer-generated design, etc. for me take away from cardmaking's initial attraction - having said that, I know it's each to their own and some people create beautiful cards with digital images - it's just not for me as I think part of the craft is learning to stamp really well).

  13. What makes me happy... Playing with my art supplies. Shapes, patterns, and colors. Finding my own style and learning something new with almost every card. The sharing spirit of so many paper crafters. Enjoying all the options out there, but not getting overwhelmed by them. Bringing a smile to someone with something I made. Operation Write Home, and helping our troops connect with family and friends. Bloggers like you who inspire me and start me thinking.

    What doesn't make me happy ... Not much really. I don't like every style or technique out there. I don't like every product or card I see. But I like seeing the huge range of what people do, and how I might adapt things for myself, or not.

    Thanks for a great question, Susan! Love reading everyone's answers here.

  14. What makes me happy? Being able to create something to show my love and appreciation for my friends; and doing it almost "instantly". By that I mean, having the right coordinating stamp images and being able to combine them to make a card in under 30 minutes. As opposed to crocheting an afghan or something which can take months!

    Oh..and EMBOSSING FOLDERS...those make me happy. i just LOVE texture!!

    What doesn't make me happy is when I can't get an idea I have in my head to turn out right on paper. Or when an ink pad I've had for awhile dries up and I don't have a re-inker for it! Grrr...And white gel pens....those are frustrating...unless I use them every other day they seem to dry up while still mostly full and I have to throw them away!! But it's so nice to HAVE one for those moments you NEED one....and finding a brand that works REALLY WELL seems to be the never-ending story too!

  15. I'm happy when I finish a card and it actually looks like it did in my head. And since that rarely happens, I'm happy if I was able to work it out and still end up with a card I like. (And of course, it's icing on the cake if someone else likes it, too.)

    One thing that makes me unhappy is when I want a certain type of stamp or stamps and they don't seem to exist anywhere. Of all the millions of stamps out there you'd think everything would be covered! LOL! And it makes me unhappy that my budget is so tight for my stamping supplies. There are things like special ribbon, baker's twine and some crafting tools I'd love to have that I just can't afford.

    I also have to agree with a previous commenter that it makes me unhappy when bloggers do not tell the products they use. I read blogs to learn, so I won't go back to a blog if they only put up a picture with no description of how the item was made that includes a list of products. I don't CASE their cards, but if I see a particular stamp, die or punch used that interests me it's nice know the brand name in case I'd like to try and find it.

  16. I love making cards of course. This makes me very happy. And, (I add a bit shamefully) I love to shop for new products--especially stamps and paper. I am not an addict though, no not at all. Hope you got a goodnight's rest. I turned in early last night too. Just really needed some extra R&R after a busy week.

  17. What makes me happy? Aside from my obvious...a piece of art in my hands when I am complete. I am happy when I stumble upon a fresh or pleasing color combination, when I find a new way to use my stamps or a tool, when I get a little me time in my craft room (hopefully uninterrupted ).

    Time pressure doesn't make me happy...I think that is one of the down sides of working on design teams. It's my own fault though as I am a serious procrastinator. If I made resolutions, I might address that.

  18. Happiness is getting a skype-call from twin 5-year old nephews to say thank you for the cards made of lego paper. Those boys are so cute and too far away! Happiness is watching 10-year old Girl Scouts help very senior citizens put bling onto paper ornament shapes. I'm not sure who sparkled more, the seniors, the Scouts. Unhappiness? I have to get over thinking some paper is too pretty to cut and save it for a future layout or card.

  19. What makes me happy? Coming up with an idea for a card...and the execution turns out even better than I'd imagined! When I see an amazing card on someone else's blog & wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?" Or better yet: "Oooh, that gives me an idea..."

    What makes me unhappy? When I let my craft area get SO messy I can't function. When there's "competition" (real or imagined) among paper crafters to be published, get on design teams, buy the newest, latest gets overwhelming at times.

  20. What makes me happy:
    --A beautiful card received in the mail.
    --A beautiful card that I'm sending out in the mail to someone else and which which I'm so proud!
    --That perfect photo that I know I can scrapbook quickly.
    --Handmade journals to look at, or to write in, when I feel a little down.
    --Your blog.

    What makes me unhappy:
    --Retired stamp sets (especially when it's a stamp set I love)
    --Running out of adhesive
    --Using the last sheet of beautiful patterned paper
    --Crooked stamping
    --Kitties who steal my ribbon

  21. I thrive on compliments, always have and always ail, So, i'm happy when my daughter comes into my craft room, where I'm holed up for more time than I care to admit, and oohs and aahs through my cards while choosing some for her stash...when she comes home from work and says, "Mom, I made you $2.00 today. My co-worker needed a card and knew just where to come." I love making people happy with my cards. I need to add here, I do not sell my cards. They are gifts only, that way, I avoid pressure.
    What I don't like is that I can't seem to settle on a particular style. I love your style Susan (and often CAS you (giving credit if I use it on my blog), but then, I love Becca Feeken of Amazing Paper Grace.
    You two are polar opposites.I know I just need to free to be me...The young people say it this way,
    'You do you and I'll do me.'
    I love the inspiration your cards provide me and I love reading your posts which often are food for thought. So rest up Susan and Happy New Year.

  22. I'm happy when I make a special card or project for someone I love. I'm happy when that person tells me that they like what I made. What makes me unhappy is that my craft area is so unorganized.

  23. Hi Susan, happy new year!

    What makes me unhappy:
    EBay Sellers who take use my card photos without permission to help sell the same embossing folder I have used on my card and thereby profit from my artwork
    Too many new releases with too many products and we are seeing Valentines Day sample cards in October and Christmas cards in August which annoys me. Sometimes the over-exuberance related to me in blog write-ups about new products really turns me off.

    What makes me happy:
    Creating something I am pleased with out of a blank piece of cardstock
    Making a boo-boo (like a smudge) and being able to cleverly cover it up with something that makes my card look better
    Splitcoaststampers - what a nice bunch of encouraging people
    Making a CAS card that is perfectly balanced - which I ascribe to you Susan for showing me what to look for (I still have a lot to learn and my bin is full of rejects)
    Making Christmas cards
    My coloured pencils
    Stamps with teddy bears or snowmen
    A card made especially for me by my 9 yr old daughter with a hand-drawn image - pure joy!

    {{hugs}} Jocelyn x

  24. Happy - I love just playing with the paper and scissors and adhesive . . . putting things together to case or create a design. I am sometimes thrilled with the results and am happy when the person getting the card loves it, too.

    Unhappy? Perhaps because I buy too much, I am unhappy when my studio is too messy to begin to work. I have to stop and clean up - put things in their right place - before I can begin to work on a project. I must admit that putting things away often reminds me of hidden treasures that spark inspiration - so that's a silver lining!

    I, too, dislike the electronic stuff but recently gave in on buying the cric-t. I felt pressured to have one. I've had it two months now and have turned it on twice. {deep sigh}


  25. Things about paper crafting that make me happy:

    Stamping and colouring with my boys.
    Retreating in the evening and having some quiet time to myself.
    Being told by friends/family that they'd just like card sets for Christmas, or other occasions. (How validating!)
    Being given a homemade card from my boys.
    Comments - I'm shameless!

    Things that make me unhappy about papercrafting:
    I have a budget. I often chase challenges to add to my collection of stamps since I need to save my coppers for paper and adhesives.
    Playing all evening and somehow not managing to finish a single card.
    Cleaning up. I love playing with scraps and bits found in the open in my crafting space.
    Not enough time to play.

  26. What makes me happy is having the time to create-even if the result isn't the greatest. It's the process.
    Unhappy-not alwojng myself to take the time.
    My New year's resolution is to walk away from the other activities and be more creative.

  27. You had me LOL with your post :) What makes me happy: Being able to create a person specific card for someone and giving it to them! Also enjoy seeing how I grow as a stamper - I've come a long way baby LOL! What doestn' make me happy - spending too much time making cards and letting other things slip and those who bash other crafters on their blogs.

    As for the no card, it's there, it's just invisible ;)

  28. Happy New Year to you!

    What makes me happy - being able to make something personal for my friends and family. All the inspiration in blogland and the caring people in this community.

    What makes me unhappy - not much! But when I have a great idea in my head, but it turns out not so much on the card!

  29. What makes me happy? Stamps. I love stamps: new stamps, old stamps, large ones, small ones, clear ones, cling ones, wood-mounted ones. I've loved them since I first started stamping many moons ago. I love buying them and I love looking at them and I love using them. Yes, I'm an addict. What makes me unhappy? Mainly that there's such a fast turnover with the designs. One goes out and a new one that looks very similar comes back in. Also, it makes me sad when bloggers who I really admire become associated with a particular brand and that's all they use anymore. I'm extremely eclectic, and though I understand, I can't imagine just sticking to one brand when I'm stamping. But, back to the happy thing, I love your blog and your point of view. That always makes me happy.

  30. What makes me happy:

    Reading your posts, Susan, because you are so real!

    Learning from crafters who share so willingly on their blogs.

    Making a card specifically for someone to fit their personality and/or situation and knowing that the card may bring a little joy to their day. This is my motivation for cardmaking!

    What makes me unhappy:

    Being overwhelmed by all the new products constantly being pushed .... before I can even explore all the possibilities of the products I just purchased. I am getting much more selective in the new purchases I make ... I already own so many wonderful card-making products and want to just enjoy what I have.

    Happy New Year!

  31. Just being able to craft/make cards makes me happy. I always dabbled in arts and crafts during grade school and high school and now when I look back - decorating those cork bulleting boards that ran across the top of the long chalk boards is not unlike making a card! So I'm in seventh heaven when I'm sitting at my table making a card. I also smile because card making is one hobby that doesn't absolutely require electric! I can stamp in daylight, color with markers and pencils, hand cut images and it's all just human power. Even a cuttlebug or sizzix does not require power. On that note Susan, I would recommend adding this tool to your arsenal. I could only wait to see what you'd come up with for CAS designs. You wouldn't have to purchase a ton of embossing folders - you can make your own from chipboard and hand punches too. So go for it and enjoy and explore.

    Thanks for a great blog. I enjoy every post. Sincerely, Beverly.

  32. Happiness - creating something that doesn't take hours (or days) to complete but like most posters it is always exciting for me to get my vision to the completed project. Somehow they seldom look the same

    Dislike - My inability to use DP. I love the look of layered cards but just can't make it work. I also dislike the volume of new products. Like most stampers I have "stuff", too much stuff. I also dislike the lack of useful sentiments. Images everywhere, few nice sentiments.

  33. I am happy when I read other stamper's comments and I can hear myself saying the same thing. Stampers seem to be a very cohesive group in a great many areas and it makes me feel like a member of an understanding community. I am also happy that papercrafting has evolved into a craft that uses such a broad scope of techniques and processes. A person can move from rubber stamping to digital stamping all on the same card.
    Like so many others here, I am unhappy about not being able to put my image of a card into reality, having a VERY messy craft area, and all the different products that seem to come out every month. Even with these being available, how is it that I still can’t always find the right piece of ribbon or scrap of paper to make the card become the perfect one I am aiming for. I do not like to compromise.

    Have a great creative year and if time out is needed to renew our artistic spirit we need to feel comfortable in doing this. We may even have to buy a card in a store.

  34. I read your post Friday evening just a few minutes after it went up. I hesitated to comment first as I was worried about sounding too negative. ;-)

    - being fortunate enough to have a stash of paper, stamps, inks, dies, folders and tools to play with!
    - finding the blogs of cardmakers whose work I admire and who share their creativity so generously with others.

    - the closure of local small stores;
    - the high cost of shipping from online stores and online-only companies;
    - bloggers (whose work I admire) who join one or several DTs and then use their blog to promote product daily, it seems - I miss their creativity using product from other sources;
    - continuous releases of product - it is overwhelming!

    My biggest problem is getting caught up in the hype of the 'new' in terms of both product and technique.

    I need to stop and think about how much product I really need and will use. And then give the excess away to a good creative home.

    My biggest inspiration is bloggers who keep it real while sharing their creativity.

    Best wishes and please don't stop creating and blogging! ;-)

  35. What makes me deliriously happy is when the artist posts the thought process behind the card (why the stamp works best here instead of there, why they chose this color instead of that, or this size or font or whatever. You've been known to do that, Susan, and thank you. HRR Julie, too. And the PTI Stamp A Fair fixit clinic was FAB! What doesn't make me happy is looking at my growing stash and not knowing how to apply what I have to what I see.

    Your blog makes me happy. Very happy.

    Sarah (Kegbo)

  36. Oh - and another thing that makes me UNhappy: I miss, I really miss the old format of your blog when I could select "For Children" or "For Thank You" and see all your posts. I've been looking and looking for the one-panel cards you made for your boys to write thank you notes, to no avail. Any chance you'll bring that feature back (she asks, hopefully).


  37. Happiness is...
    1)feeling absolutely giddy about something I've created!; 2)getting a comment on a card in my gallery; 3)having just the right supplies on hand for a card; 4)purging supplies to give away; 5)gleaning all sorts of inspiration from blogs such as Simplicity and I'm in Haven.

    Not so "happy"ness is...
    1)a dry spell; 2)my addiction to buying supplies; 3)smudging (or otherwise messing up) a card just when it's finished; 4)my usually messy crafting area; 5)my purchases that are impulsive, not really necessary.

  38. ...what a fun post with so many great comments!!
    I am happy when I can play with my 'toys'and like others have said, create what I see in my head.
    I am most unhappy about cleaning and having to work so much which leaves little time for stamping...

  39. Heeehee, very funny!

    Hope you are better rested!

  40. What makes me happy? Having a project turn out like I imagined. I do a lot of paper crafting besides card making, such as making miniature houses, wreaths from paper, decoupage boxes. My goal in 2013 is to make more cards using the ideas and supplies I have been collecting for several years. This will be a creative way to purge my supply of paper!

  41. What makes me happiest? When I post a card to my blog, and a blogger that I follow and whom I really admire comments on it! When I post a card to a challenge and it gets picked as a "top pick", or whatever that blog calls their favs! Or when I win blog candy! Making Christmas cards! :) What makes me unhappiest? Dry spells!! Trying (or wanting to, anyway) to keep up with all the new stuff. And wondering where the designers keep all the stuff they get for designing... ;) And not yet having my craft palace to work in...Soon!

  42. I am surprised at how many crafters are overwhelmed by too many products constantly being pushed, often the same images in slightly different styles. I feel the same way. I want to play with what I have but often feel tempted to buy new things that I see used everywhere.

    What makes me happy is to use an older stamp that has been neglected for a long time maybe combined with new stuff. And when I use some of my scraps!

  43. I've enjoyed reading all the comments and thank you for pimping out this post and its comments in your newer post.

    What makes me happy is getting to play, creating things, and having it all work out. I enjoy finding inspiration on the web, in person, in magazines, or wherever. I like coming up with an idea and then doing it.

    The stuff that makes me unhappy is how lately I can't seem to mail the cards I do make and not getting the idea in my head to work out in real life. I also am kind of annoyed at myself that my tastes change so much and every change seems to require purchasing so many new things.

    And for all those people who lament messy craft rooms, get some kittens. Since we've gotten kittens I have the cleanest, most picked up craft room that I've ever had! Because the alternative is complete destroyed chaos and the possibility of a several thousand dollar vet bill (think: ribbon eating).

  44. Happy is time spent crafting. Card making especially...and when I have all the supplies and the mojo is working,and the card looks even better than it did in my head. I am also happy going over all the blogs on my list whenever there is a new post. Oh! The inspiration I get from all the lovely card makers. That's my happy place.
    Unhappy...when work gets in the way. But pretty soon I won't be unhappy anymore. Retirement as of Feb. 1st. Yippee!!!
    Your blog is a favorite place of mine to visit. Soooooo many beautiful things here. : ) Bev


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