Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mendhi Medallion Fun

Here are a couple of cards using Papertrey's Mendhi Medallion set...such a fun and easy set to use! I chose to experiment with two different color schemes, both pretty harmonious.

Monochromatic Scheme

Analogous Scheme

An analogous scheme takes colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel (like canteloupe, tangelo, and lady bug Memento inks). While bright colors can look cheerful in an analogous scheme, the combination lack the energy of complementary or primary color schemes.

Personally, I think there's quite enough going on in these medallions without adding more energy from a kicky color combo. But that's just my taste. You are certainly entitled to get as kicky as you want.

A Word about Card Orientation
You may or may not notice that I'm making portrait cards with the fold on the side now rather than the top. I actually prefer the top fold, but Operation Write Home's preference is the side fold because it can be tucked halfway in the envelope with the front hanging out for display. Cards folded on the short side have to be tucked into the envelope completely, which makes it hard for the troops to search for a card they want.

I'm working on the next What Makes You Unhappy? post. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and enthusiasm for the series. It's nice to know that my words resonate with many of you.

stamps: Papertrey Ink Mendhi Medallions, Birthday Basics
ink: Memento
paper: PTI white
accessories: dimensionals, circle punches (1 3/4" and 3/4"...I think, but don't quote me on it), rhinestones


  1. I have that Mendhi and LOVE it. I swear, it goes with everything and looks great in every color!

  2. Gorgeous! I think both colourways are lovely.

  3. I like this stamp - nice colors also:)

  4. I love this stamp set and these are gorgeous examples of how to use them.

  5. Just had to comment on card orientation since you mentioned it. I haven't made an A2 card in ages and have never made them very often anyway. I prefer larger cards most of the time. When I began making cards and started surfing the Internet to learn about this hobby, two things really surprised me and that was 1. That most people seem to make only A2 size cards and 2. They make them portrait orientation with the fold at the top. Not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things, but I was just always used to seeing portrait cards with the fold on the side and landscape cards with the fold at the top so that's how I still do mine. Since I don't remember "Hallmark" doing portrait cards with the fold at the top, is there a reason most papercrafters seem to do it that way? It is just as easy to cut the 8.5 x 11 paper in half one direction as it is the other IMO. I guess this comment is totally stupid, but when you brought up card orientation, it brought back this question to my mind that I really have wondered about. (And yes, I really do spend the greater portion of my time contemplating more important matters in this complicated world! LOL!)

  6. Colorado Crafter,

    I just prefer having the portrait fold at the top because it shows off the card front better, IMHO. But if you do that with flimsy card stock, the card will sink. I don't use flimsy card stock, so no problem there! Also, it's harder to photograph (for me) a side-folded portrait card.

    Ultimately, I think this is just a matter of personal preference and not important at all. Do whatever you want without apology! But generally when I change something, someone always asks about it, so I thought I'd mention the change and the very good reason behind it.

  7. These are awesome and I love the colors too!

  8. These cards aren't helping me with making the decision to use just what I have : ) Love the simple but elegant look of your cards!

    Enjoy Your Day!

  9. Thanks, Susan. Since it probably is easier to photograph, I'm sure that's why all the bloggers seem to put the fold at the top of their portrait cards. Makes sense!

    And I don't like flimsy cardstock either!! I do sometimes use a somewhat lighter weight cardstock for layering to keep the weight of a card down, but never, never, never a flimsy card base for me! LOL!

  10. Love these, I have CASED it using Spot Dots that, I believe, I purchased because of you! :) thank you

  11. OMG- I love these cards! I have this set and I think I've used it once!! gonna have to pull it out!!


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