Monday, January 21, 2013

Odds and Ends

Comments on Color...and a Retraction
As several readers pointed out, my feelings about using somber colors on missing you cards are not universal. I was only thinking about how I felt and not taking into consideration that my somber feelings of missing my hubby when he was deployed are not the only feelings that can surround that card-giving situation.

The great thing about our hobby is how we can customize for individual situations. So I will continue to make my somber missing you cards, but others may certainly make more cheerfully colored missing you cards without feeling any judgment from me. I'm hugely a fan of individuality!

Today's Cards
And now let's take a look at some very cheerful colors on very white cards using Papertrey's Peaceful Garden set...the same set that provided the somber missing you cards. Color really does change the feel of a card, doesn't it?

Hot pink and silver marker pop on all that white. Edging stamped panels in metallic markers is so easy and really dresses them up. In fact, when I made my list of things that make me happy about stamping, metallic markers were on there.

These fancy grasses in a bright lime green (called Fresh Green by VersaColor), make the egregious exclamation point on the sentiment look less egregious. But only a bit.

Didn't Papertrey get the memo that I am the only person allowed to use egregious exclamation points?



Instead of outlining the panel for a little sparkle, I added some Sakura Stardust green pen to the grasses.

Some Comments on White Space
Now, both of today's cards contain LOTS of white space, which in these instances is, indeed, white. But someone commented that my card on this post didn't look like I had made it because it didn't have white space. Well, technically, it DOES have "white" space, but it's orange.

In design, "white" space is really just "empty" space, and not necessarily white at all.

I do, in fact, generally use white for my "white" space, but with that card, the stamped panel looked odd on a white base, so I flexxed to the orange, which made the whole thing look cheerful.

But I take the commenter's point: an orange base is unusual for me. And to be honest, I felt weird using it.

Which is weird in and of itself. Why ever would a stamper feel weird using colored card stock?

stamps: Papertrey Peaceful Garden
ink: VersaColor
paper: Papertrey Ink white
accessories: dimensionals, metallic silver pen, Sakura Stardust pen


  1. I like both cards, Susan. I'm particularly fond of the first with the metallic marker border. I had forgotten how nice that can be.

  2. What I love about your cards is that they are clean and simple - I love the white space. When I first look at one of your cards, it always draws me to the point of the card - you get the message that you are trying to convey with the card. Some cards have so much detail on them, you do not know where to look first, the cards seem too busy. So I guess that is why I am drawn to your style - love the "simplicity" that you create. Today's cards are so soothing and calming - love them!

  3. Color conveys so much emotion, so I happen to agree with you, but I can imagine some instances where a surprising use of color could work also.

    About the metallic pen, the ones I had always rubbed off -- they never really dried. Wonder why!!??

  4. Color is indeed emotionally charged. I would totally make colorful missing you cards because I would think of them as being sent to cheer up someone. But I could not, would not make colorful sympathy cards. To me those MUST be muted and more serious. It's all a matter of individual taste, I suppose! Love your blog, Susan!

  5. always love to read your design suggestions! love that you support individuality! Love that you love egregious exclamation points! Love your cards!! Off to see your somber missing you card!

  6. Great cards again - both would make excellent "missing you" cards ;)


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