Thursday, February 21, 2013

Awwww, Cute!

Weeks ago, I went shopping at a papercraft store, and after looking around for over an hour, ended up buying a single set of stamps (plus a few other odds and ends). The stamp set was the Hero Arts speech bubble clear set.

When I tried to use it, I realized I have a shocking lack of stamps of images that might legitimately have something to say in a speech bubble. After digging a bit, I found two old, discontinued stamps from Hero Arts--a kitty and a dog--that are obscenely adorable. So I made these two cards.

The dog, named Newton, and the kitty, named, um, Kitty, need ground to stand on, so I gave Newton a piece of my last remaining washi tape (I gave the rest away because I'm washi-challenged), and Kitty got the large AMuse oval to stand on.

They're cute, but I feel creatively tapped out with speech bubbles. And now I'm feeling stupid for buying the speech bubble set in the first place. They seemed like such a great idea in the store, but now I suspect I fell victim to some trend or another, subliminally controlled by marketing forces I don't care to look at too closely.

Or maybe I just need to buy some more images of critters who might have something to say.

Oh, and by the way, we're not even going to talk about the punch I bought that I already had. No, no, no, I did not do that. Never, not ever, no way, not in this lifetime, ever.

De Nile is a river that runs both deep and wide.

stamps: Hero Arts, Papertrey (Newton's saying)
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey
accessories: heart rhinestone, washi tape, Memento markers


  1. I think you can use the speech bubbles without critters!

    3 speech bubbles laid out with 2 of them empty and 1 containing the sentiment.

    Or a flurry of pale speech bubbles as a background with one bright one holding the sentiment.

    Speech bubbles hold a lot of promise for building backgrounds.

    Also would be cute to decorate the envelopes and hold the mailing & return address.

    Don't give up yet! :)

  2. Susan is right - lots of uses for speech bubbles. How about just a speech bubble with 'thinking of you' in it. The ultimate in CAS. Or Happy Birthday with a flower for Heather's OLW challenge?

    And I want to assure you that I have never bought the same things twice. At least never today. (On a totally unrelated topic, are you interested in a copy of Season 2 of Downton Abbey?)

  3. PS, I'm also not admitting here that I too have the speech bubble set and it has never seen ink. And here I am telling you what to do with it! lol!

  4. Hmm, I bought the MFT speech bubble stamp and die set before realizing that I mainly have flower stamps. Do flowers talk? ;-)

  5. Oops. forgot to add cite cards, especially Newton. ;-)

  6. Oops, that should have said "cute cards"!!! I won't type what's in the speech bubble over my head right now, ;-)

  7. These cards are cute and funny. I don't have any thought bubble stamps, but I did buy a Recollection clear set with words like "Bang!" and "Boom!" I'm not quite sure what I was thinking. I think I used one word once on a card for my grandson...

  8. Love both cards. I have several images that could use those bubbles. Want to sell it?

  9. Yes it must be said - cute cards ; ) And I must say you made great use of the washi tape! I know this isn't the right blog but I have enjoyed reading your devotionals. Thanks for sharing them!
    Enjoy Your Day : )

  10. Oh my gosh - you're so funny, I almost forget to
    Look at your marvellous cards :)

  11. These are cute! I don't think you are washi tape challenged. Newton looks great on his washi tape.

  12. Susan - hey, you got a right hand? (maybe you are a leftie?) - you got a pen?
    Then personalise the bubble with your own words....the written words in there are not meant to be written in formal calligraphy so go ahead, use your bubble speech thingies and do your own words inside...probably more effective than anything you could buy. Just my 2 cents.

  13. These cards are just so cute Susan. Thank you for your honesty about the stamps. I don't want to think about how many stamps I own that have yet to see ink. Hang onto those speech bubbles, every now and then you'll need them. Although one stamp I did pass on was the rear view of a sumo wrestler doing the splits. I mean, when would you use that??

  14. I have an as yet unused speech bubble set. I don't think it requires critters. I can imagine an adorable daisy with a happy face in the middle thinking "Happy Birthday" or something along those lines. Then there's the punch art critters option. I imagine it would be a fantastic tool for scrapbooking, but I haven't gotten around to starting that yet!
    I think this daisy idea has legs. Maybe I'll try that out this weekend.

  15. Great cards! Those little critters are cuter than the dogs and cats I see in stamp sets now.

    I've seen those "trendy" speech bubbles used on the Hero Arts blog without any critters or people do be doing the talking. I've seen them used in multiples done in different colors or just one for a super simple card. I just thought of it as the card giver who was doing the talking.

    And speaking of trends. I haven't tried washi tape yet and don't know that I ever will. It works for your use on the card above, but I see too many people just slapping it on cards because it's the "in" thing to do! LOL!! Most of the washi tape I see used "out there" just looks messy (too many patterns that don't work together on one card) and it often looks like the person was just too lazy or maybe too rushed to make nice looking elements to go on their card.

    I feel your pain about buying a punch you already had! Been there, done that, too many times! If it's a store that's not a great distance away and/or near where you do other regular shopping, at least you can return it or exchange it pretty easily. I have a box (thank goodness it's a small one at this point) of stamps, dies and punches that I bought over again and either couldn't return or it wouldn't have been cost effective to do so. I don't have any local crafty friends to give them to, but hopefully I'll find them a good home one of these days.

  16. I think these are adorable and if you just keep your thinking cap on, you'll find a few other ways to use speech bubbles. i see them as BG images stamped in an overlapping sort of way.
    I must confess, it took me a minute or so to 'get' De Nile. I thought maybe you were using Ebonics for the river. OK, corny I know, but I'm allowed since I'm an AA member, as in African American, not the other AA.
    Oh dear, forgive me...I fear I'm suffering horribly from withdrawal symptoms as I wait 6 weeks for my craft-room to be built. See my blog if you're bored.

  17. Just like to say..long time watcher, first time commenter, and you are so funny!!!I love your cards, and these are great!!

  18. Robots? Cowboys? Speech Bubbles!

    Cute cards and great ideas! Thanks.

  19. LOL, I feel your pain about the punch...after Christmas I was so excited to get the large snowflake punch from Martha Stewart...only to discover a few weeks later another one just like it in my drawer ....sigh... :)

  20. My friends with animals think their dogs, cats, hedgehogs, etc. speak to them, so I think you're OK with the speech bubbles. ;-) I think the bubbles are wonderful, even though I have none of them. I liked the suggestion of using them for return and mailing addresses. They also cry out for a knock-knock joke, don'cha think? Yes, I, too, have brought home things I already have and have forgotten about. I do it most often with books, thinking it sounds good, only to get into it and realize I've read it; however, I usually don't remember how it ends, so continue reading. Oy vey!

  21. Your cards are cute and you are so funny!! I don't have the speech bubble set, but after reading the comments on this post I just may have to buy it! Just so you don't feel alone, I have taken many excursions on the De Nile river.


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