Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Krafty Stuff

First off, don't forget that the One-Layer Wednesday Challenge this week is on Karen's blog. It's OLW129 All In A Row. Make a one-layer card with a row of images. Oh how fun this will be when I get to stamp again!!!!!

If she's said "row of bling" I could have posted a card tonight that I made last month and am saving for Easter. But alas, you'll have to make do today with a krafty card with a pre-made envelope attached to the front that has nothing to do with rows of anything. 

Why is it I love kraft when other people use it, but when I use it, it just looks...brown? WHY?

The envelope was in a multipack I bought at Michael's and doesn't match white card stock I have. It's just a little too dull. It took ink nicely, though. If I'd really been paying attention, I would have used a corner rounder instead of the tag punch, and I might have pulled out my deco scissors and done something that looked pinked like the envelope.

Alas, February hasn't been a totally excellent stamping month for me.

And oh, man. I'm grouchy right now. I'm going to shut up and go to bed and find my bliss in the Land of Nod before coming back here and whining at poor, innocent blog readers.

Please forgive me. I really do love you and want you to come back!


stamps: Papertrey Floral Frenzy
ink: VersaColor
paper: Papertrey kraft
accessories: envelope, tag punch, circle punch, twine, Scor-Tape


  1. I love that you would post a card even though you are not 100% happy with it. When I see post after post of amazing cards, it intimidates me in that "they" get it right all the time. You share your real process and I am so thankful for that. I love how you raise questions about design, colour, etc. When I see that one of my cards is not quite right, I would love someone to give constructive suggestions. It's a fine line (especially in the public online world) between just giving criticism and giving suggestions to help one improve. I am learning from you by all your lovely examples, but when I don't get it right, it would lovely just to be able to ask what would make it better. So my 2 cents worth would be to add just a touch of white on the kraft to link it to the white packet - 3 white pearls, a hand drawn line??? Hope you don't mind me voicing my ideas.

  2. Love the coordinating KRAFT tag in the white pocket. It is reassuring that super duper card designers (such as yourself) don't always feel happy with their work :)

  3. Sorry you're not feeling the mojo. At least this is the shortest month:) I think the card is cute and maintains your clean and simple approach.

  4. I love kraft too. I understand your frustration though. I hate it when I try something that looks easy on other peoples blogs and really effective, and then when I try it I just think...Blahh. Often CAS or white space does that to me!!!

  5. If you hadn't mentioned all the areas you thought were deficient on your card, I'd have said it was fine. I still think it's fine, by the way, but I have a stack of cards that I don't think are "up to snuff" either, so I understand what you're saying. Maybe a lighter shade of kraft cardstock or some white touches would pull it all together better for you. Of course, that would intrude on all that lovely white space. ;-) I think we're always more critical of our own work than that of others.

  6. Well, kraft is brown, and that's OK! All in all it's pretty darn cute, but I think that Janet may have hit the nail on the head. A touch more white might make it really sing. For example, a simple white line all the way around, about a quarter inch from the edges to frame the image a bit? Or applying the rule of thirds by adding some type of white border 1/3 from the top or 1/3 from the bottom, or something subtle like tiny white polka dots on the bottom third of your kraft panel? Or trimming the kraft a tad smaller and mounting it on a white card? IMO, kraft is at it's best when highlighted by a little white.

    Well that was a bit of an essay, wasn't it? Especially when you may not really be looking for suggestions!

  7. When I look at your card, I think of the delightful texture of the crisp white bag on the smooth kraft background. The flower stamp has a delightful vibe, too. And I like the surprise factor of finding out "what's inside".


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