Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pink Flowers

Here's the card I almost posted on Valentine's Day but didn't because it was pink and not exactly a Valentine. Pretty, though, don't you think?

I actually made quite a few Valentine's Day cards but hadn't photographed them in time to post, which is too bad because some of them are really cute! Now, if I post them, it will feel awkward, like showing up to a costume party on the wrong night, all dressed up like a Smurf (or maybe the Doppler effect) and feeling like a fool.

One of the reader comments on my non-Valentine's Day card on Valentine's Day brought up an interesting topic I've discussed before...the trend toward using non-traditional colors on holiday cards. So Valentines are, say, purple or blue or brown or yellow rather than pink, red, and chocolate brown. Or Christmas cards are teal and orange rather than green and red. The reader complained about this trend, and she has a valid point, in my humble opinion.

I play with color a lot, mainly because it's fun. Also, I make so many Christmas cards (at least a couple hundred each year) that limiting myself to a traditional palette for them all is mind-numbingly boring, so yes, I did, indeed, make a teal-and-orange nativity card last year. Just one, to get it out of my system.

But varying the traditional color for a card gets old fast. The traditional colors are there for a reason, and while an occasional pink-and-gray Christmas card might look fresh and fun, when the tradition becomes too diluted with variations all over the place, the result is visually jarring chaos.

The point behind the rules is that when we break them, it's for a good reason because the rules aren't exactly arbitrary. They have their own very good reasons for being. I mostly follow them and break them only when I feel I must.

Of course, this is a hobby, so do what you want...make all-black Christmas cards for all I care if  it makes you happy. You don't have to listen to me.

Even if I am right.

Ooops. Was that my outside voice?

Now, who wants to take on the challenge of an all-black Christmas card?

stamps: A Muse Marvelous Marigolds, Hero Arts sentiment (discontinued clear set)
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey
accessories: rhinestones, dimensionals


  1. OK, I'm seeing an outline stamp of the Nativity, or maybe angels, in black embossing on dark gray (like PTI smokey shadow) with a sparkly rhinestone star in the sky, and the sentiment "it came upon a midnight clear." Hmm, probably not.

  2. This is totally knockout Susan. Loving that stamp set. I may just have an idea for a black Christmas card....

  3. This is totally knockout Susan. Loving that stamp set. I may just have an idea for a black Christmas card....

  4. This is wonderful - great sentiment too! I know what you mean about traditional colours for certain events - but I must have a think about a black Christmas card :)

  5. I had done a black and white one, does that count?

    I love your card and think it could be for valentines day too! Hugs, Audrie

  6. Very pretty card, Susan. I'm pretty traditional, but I do like a non-traditional holiday card once in a while. I've never seen an all black Christmas card, but I have seen black used quite nicely with one or two other colors at Christmas.

  7. I love non-traditional ideas. Our wedding announcements were black embossed on black cardstock. The recipients said it was like reading Braille. Not our intention, the company goofed. We wanted black on khaki. Still very non-traditional. for Christmas.

  8. Susan, Your card is gorgeous! The colors, the placement, and the sentiment. Very pretty!

  9. Loving that flower you've been using. Fabulous card :)

  10. Gorgeous, Susan, the overlaid flower really makes a statement :)

  11. Be careful what you say -- your linky might end up all BLACK! :)

  12. I love your card, Susan. Such beautiful shades of pink.

    I agree with you about traditional colours for holidays - 99% of the time my Christmas cards are red and green, sometimes with gold and silver accents or cardbases, or blue and white for snow/winter scenes. If I do break out of that tradition, it's always for a challenge - I did do a black and white Christmas card for a SCS challenge (No Color Allowed):

    While I like it, I much prefer the other cards I've made with the same stamp where I colour the hats red, or mount on a red background, etc.

  13. Beautiful card! I also appreciated your non-traditional Valentine color choice. It was refreshing! Mine had pink and red, but also blue (pool party) for a twist. Wouldn't want to be too predictable. ;)

  14. I was too busy for Valentine's cards this year. However I did notice that light blue or teal blue showed up a lot in this year's color palette (alongside the reds and pinks).


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