Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

And I'm not going to show you anything pink or red.

You're welcome.

The AMuse Marvelous purple. I colored it simply, without shading, in three shades of purple. Then, I tried to stamp the sentiment on the card, but it of course looked terrible because it overlapped the flower.


So I covered it up with the strip, and you would never have known if I hadn't blabbed.

Just keepin' it real in Simple-Land.

stamps: A Muse
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey
accessories: rhinestones, copic markers, dimensionals, scallop scissors (to round the edges of the sentiment panel)


  1. Been there, done that, have the T-shirt! Beautiful fix!

  2. Thanks for telling us about the mistake anyway!

  3. What a fabulous flower! Actually love the sentiment over top - boo-boos can be brilliance sometimes ;)

  4. Gorgeous stamp and card, very refreshing NOT to see a Valentine!

  5. It's beautiful. Lovely colors with that image.

  6. I love those "happy little opportunities" when I need to correct or cover up something and the end result is actually better than what I planned! Your end result is wonderful!

  7. Lovely card, but I would have also loved seeing something in red or pink... even a Valentine! LOL! I'll probably make a lot of people angry with me, but I don't really care... I'm already so tired of this "trend" (if that's what it is) of people acting like traditional colors for certain things is just not good enough anymore. I'm not saying that every Christmas card has to be red or red and green (which are not the only traditional Christmas colors in my opinion). I'm not that "stuck" on certain limited colors. But, it just seems to me that since last year too many people are going out of their way to make Christmas cards in non-traditional colors so I'm sure it will follow for all other holidays. It's one thing to use colors that might not be considered traditional if they fit the stamps one is using and style of card being made, but when it seems "forced" like so many I saw through the Christmas season this past year it just didn't work for me. We have all the rest of the year to use any colors we want so what's the big hangup some people seem to be having about using traditional colors at their respective holiday? OK... getting off my soapbox for the moment and heading to my craft room to make some traditional St. Patrick's Day cards using green! Sorry, but no other color of shamrock (NO four leaf clovers either! Sure wish people knew the difference!)or leprechaun clothing will work for me! LOL!!

  8. I love blue! Thank you, this is beautiful!

  9. Haha - very funny! Love the fabulous flower, even more now I know it got "special editing" :op


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