Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adding Some Color and an Owl To My Life

In 2003, after George returned from Iraqi Freedom, we drove to Colorado to buy a Ford Expedition. But the dealer did the ol' bait-and-switch, so we ended up buying a Volkswagen Passat. In black.

The joy of my driving life for ten years...

I love this car. We've had it for ten years, and put 134,000 miles on it. I still wanted to keep it forever, but I stopped trusting it about the same time we moved to the new house. Finally, George and I decided it was time to let it go and get something new, something a bit bigger for our growing boys.

I decided it was time to add some color to my life.

May the next ten years be as wonderful...and a little more colorful!

Oh, yeah. Metallic deep red and new car smell. VW, I will always remember you fondly, but it's time for some shiny red Mazda in my life.

And have you ever noticed how the Mazda logo looks like an owl?

Hopefully, this symbolizes that we made a wise choice.

George rolled his eyes when I pointed this out last night while we were signing paperwork. Men are weird. A cute logo and a pretty color are two totally good reasons to buy a car.

And that is why I can't share a card this morning. Buying a car is stressful, exhausting, and takes a lot of time when done with a spouse who is a car geek.  Hopefully, I'll be able to share something made out of paper with you tomorrow.

Safe and colorful driving, everyone!


  1. Looks wonderful. I know you'll enjoy it.

  2. Oh, very nice! My old Toyota RAV4 is 14 years old, but it's still going strong, so I still drive it... but your shiny new Mazda is giving me car envy, very cute! Enjoy!

  3. I love new car smell :) Always fun getting a new car and what a fun colour you got indeed! Beware though, red cars tend to get more tickets ;) Enjoy!! Oh, and yes, I fully concur re: the colour making the selection for you -- my brother couldn't believe I chose my very first used car based on the colour and not the mileage as the one I liked had more mileage but I just could see myself buying a blue one!

  4. I am with you on this - totally the only way to choose a car - colour!!

  5. We have a Navy VW passat which I love. We call him Beast, because we got him after having a Nissan Micra called Spidy(if you don't know thats a tiny car!).

  6. Excellent color choice, Susan! I just bought a new car 2 months ago, and I went with the Ruby Red Hyundai Elantra (all my kids are grown and gone!) However, I have to admit, this is not the first red car I have had...and probably won't be the last! I started with red back in 1994, and I have been in love ever since! :-)

  7. I had a red Forester that I loved. My next one was blue, but I miss that red color so much. Re: the logo: yes, it does look like an owl, but my cousin bought a Mazda several years ago, claiming one of the reasons he bought it was because it looked like a bird in a gun barrel site. Yup, he's a bird hunter (and other things, too). Men!!!!!

  8. Looks like your husband and mine are the same brand of car geek. VW and Mazda are top of his list for quality. So, definite wise choice. And I adore the owl observation!!

  9. Looks like your husband and mine are the same brand of car geek. VW and Mazda are top of his list for quality. So, definite wise choice. And I adore the owl observation!!

  10. Funny, we recently dumped our Mazda, for a VW!

  11. Tanis, you're going to love it. But maintenance is expensive!

    1. Yes, I just about had a heart attack when I found out a replacement block heater cord would cost $130, or something crazy like that, even on line! We're hoping it won't be spending much time in the shop. Time will tell.

  12. I would love to hear what you think of the Mazda after a few months. I looked at one last month, the smaller crossover, but finally decided to fix my 10-year-old Buick Rendezvous and hope it lasts another couple of years. I love it, but they don't make them anymore. It's silver. I've driven three blue cars, one forest green, one pale yellow, and another silver. Maybe my next one should be red!


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