Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Never Underestimate Rage as a Creative Force

Before I get all angry, let me point out the happy fact that this week's OLW Challenge is on Cheryl's blog, and it's a fun one, especially for us patriotic types!

And now, to the anger.

Lately, it seems like I've been ruining a lot of card stock. This is, um, frustrating.

Yes, that is the word.

For instance, I love the frog stamp from Papertrey's old set Pond Life. It's just adorably simple and cute. So I tried to make a card that had a background of colorful frogs and then would have a raised panel with a large A Muse birthday sentiment. Only I dropped the stamp while attempting to stamp the last. dang. frog.

I got so mad I threw the card away without even cutting the back off it.

Then, I sat and stewed for a few minutes, arms crossed and eyes darting across my workspace and an attractive scowl on my face. The longer I stewed, the angrier I grew until the anger burst forth and I made this card...which, you will note, lacks frogs altogether, although the A Muse stamp is quite deliberately prominent.


But my rage wasn't gone yet. No, that frog stamp still mocked me. Ribbit. Ribbit. So I picked it up and thought, I'll use it once. Just once. Can't screw that up, can I? Well, I suppose I could have screwed it up, but I didn't.

And thus my rage resulted in two cards that made me happy.

stamps: Papertrey Ink Pond Life, A Muse Birthday Greetings
ink: Brilliance sky blue, VersaColor black
paper: Papertrey Ink
accessories: corner rounder, dimensionals


  1. Story of my life Susan! Well, they came out perfectly CAS! Love them!

  2. What a women you are. Rage on. The cards are lovely. I nv=ever would have thought of them.

  3. I know it's hard, in the midst of disappointment, perceived failure and anger to realize things happen for a reason. That's a revelation that only comes to me way after the fact. You redeemed yourself. Both are worthy and came out "very Susan." Are they better than what you'd intended with the ruined card? If it makes you feel any better, I dropped my peanut buttered toast on the floor this morning (face down, of course). I just made another, as you did, but my second attempt was pretty much the same as the first. ;-)

  4. I feel your pain mf....I am having that kind of week with cs too. I just can't seem to get it together....should we blame it on the weather??

  5. I really like both cards so your rage seemed to have worked for you! I especially like that you did not make the little froggy green. It really is a great stamp and I don't usually like frogs!

  6. Yes, Mary, It's not easy being green....


  7. Lol Susan! I regularly get annoyed in my craft room and end up tidying lol!
    2 great cards hun! :)
    Lizy xx


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