Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wish Big

Sometimes, a card pulls together well...balance, harmony, all the elements working together to support the message. Design Totality.

This card has it. Everything in the card emphasizes large scale...even on a small, 4.25" card. It implies big. The stamped panel might be a big gift, wrapped in a large-scale gift wrap and taking up the whole table!

Can't be too big, though, because then the card wouldn't fit in an envelope.

The knot is made using the unmovable knot tutorial here. Fortunately, that makes the knot flatter than a standard double knot. This card, though thick, will go through the mail. I'll probably put a strip of packing tape on the envelope over it, though, to prevent ripping, and add a bit of extra postage, just in case.

I'm glad some of you found my ink rant useful. I'll have more to say on the subject eventually, but I appreciate any added comments you might have on that post to help others in their quest for the right ink!

stamps: CASual Friday
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey Ink
accessories: dimensionals, ribbon, hole punch


  1. Gorgeous card! I found your blog recently and can only say i wish i had found it have given me a whole new appreciation for CAS!
    Shamela ;-)

  2. I have just read your ink rant and pretty much agree. i would add that card stock has a bearing and the new SU coloured ink pads (in my experience) are dodgy. Which is a shame because I love the colours, For me, SU white card really only works with SU stamps and inks, as soon as you put either with clear stamps everything goes pear shaped (don't laugh!!).

    Love this card, particularly as you "made" me buy this stamp set..............Thank you.

  3. I agree it's a fabulous card Susan :) Viv xx

  4. Love that big bold sentiment on top of the soft and subtle pattern. The ribbon gives it a bit of an 'oomph' too. Lovely card. Bev

  5. I send a lot of cards that have embellishments or ribbon. I put a
    piece of acrylic in front of the card in the envelope. It doesn't
    add much weight and all my cards arrive fine. I save all acrylic
    that comes in the house. The package my lettuce comes in even.
    You can also use thinner sheets like transparency film.

  6. The wishes are big and the whole card feels and looks a lot bigger than it is. Now you're a magician, too??? Lovely, as always.


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