Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More PSX

Another ocean-themed PSX stamp I have is of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. As a native North Carolinian, I'm proud of this one and will never let it go. In using it for the Use-Your-Stamps Challenge, though, I didn't want to color it. Been there, done that. The easiest and best way to color it, in fact, is to use chalk. But even easier is to simply ink it up and stamp it. I pulled out a fun tri-color Brilliance pad and gave it whirl.

The photo shows the colors brighter than in real life, and not as shimmery. But it's a quick, fun, and easy way of using large stamps.

The sentiment is from a Papertrey set called A Day at the Beach that I am getting rid of. I've used it enough. The only stamp I will miss from it is one that says, "Life is good."  Wow, I do love that!

Life is good. Yes, it is.

stamps: PSX, Papertrey Day at the Beach
ink: Brilliance sky blue, jade, lime
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: none


  1. There are several things I always look for when I travel, one of them being lighthouses. I can see why you're holding on to this stamp. You certainly did right by it. Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks have always fascinated me. Someday I'll make it there. When is the cool, low humidity, non-hurricane season? ;-)

  2. I'm a native NCarolinian too, living in SC. Love this image (anything PSX in fact!). Great job on the tricolor pad. The image is the focus, the color just adds to the look. Love it! TFS
    (and I recently got a PSX lhouse at a stamp garage sale, but it is the Portland Me one. I'm on the lookout for the Hatteras one.

  3. This looks great! Good idea to remember. Hugs, Ankie

  4. This is lovely. I just purchased a multi colour sunset pad. Now I can't wait to find the right large stamp to use it! :) Thanks for the inspiration as ever, Susan.

  5. I'm such a sucker for blues and greens. These are fabulous!

  6. WOW!Very Pretty card!!Love the image,Great coloring!!!

  7. I read in your comment and in at least one other the concept of holding on to a set of stamps for the one or two the person likes. In your case, you are getting rid of a set and in doing so, losing one stamp you really like? My question is why do you not feel free to sell the set with one stamp missing? I don't see anything wrong with breaking up sets, keeping what I like and selling what I don't. True - it will affect the price it fetches, but why the tyranny of keeping sets together?

  8. jkbrochad, clearly you do not suffer from OCD. I don't exactly suffer, either, but it would be WRONG for me to take that one stamp out of the set. Now, I have broken up wood-mounted sets, but I broke them up completely. Clear sets, however, belong in their cases all together because breaking them up would misalign the planets and cause the universe to self-destruct. How can you not know this?


  9. Now what I would like to find is a stamp that says, "Life stinks"... or something along those lines. I don't think there has ever been a time in my life even at it's best, when I would have said or been able to stamp the words "Life is good". A stamper on another blog recently used that same statement (and no... it's not new to me... I've seen and heard it throughout my life) and for some reason this time it set me to contemplating what makes some people see life that way and others see more negative than positive. I guess it has been in my thoughts a lot lately because of a conversation I had with my aunt a while back about happiness that I haven't been able to get off my mind.

    But, anyway, your reply above about how breaking up stamp sets would cause the universe to self-destruct gave me a laugh and I couldn't help but think that if you kept the stamp you love then someone like me who would never use that stamp would buy the rest of the set anyway. LOL! OK... I'm in a really lousy mood today so probably shouldn't be commenting on any blogs.

    Oh... just have to say that I do love PSX images. They were already out of business before I started stamping, but I've been able to collect some beautiful PSX stamps on eBay and at my LSS's trash or treasure sale. I'd love to have even more than I do.


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