Thursday, November 7, 2013

Can You Have Too Much Stuff?

Y'all know I don't mass-produce cards because I have stamper's ADHD and get sooooo bored making dozens of the same thing. This is more of a problem at Christmas because I need about 120 cards, and making 120 different cards is hard work.

Y'all also know that the simpler the card design, the happier I am. Oh, I like making funky, experimental cards with unusual placements and white-on-white layers, but the results rarely fill me with as much joy as the simplest image and sentiment placed perfectly centered or following the rule of thirds on one white layer.

As part of this year's Simplicity Christmas, I wanted to capitalize on a lesson I learned last year...making a few simple product variations on a simple design adds fun and decreases time spent on making Christmas cards.

Of course, variations are easier if you have, ahem, a bunch of stuff in your stash.

So a very simple, basic design gets a little different treatment using three different forms of red embellishments, proving once again that you can never have too much stuff. Having three forms of essentially the same thing can serve a stamper quite well, thank you very much.

And here's the proof:

Small Red Pearls

Close-up of Small Red Pearls

Red Nail Heads

Close-up of Red Nail Heads

Red Rhinestones

Close-up of Red Rhinestones

Of the three, the nail heads are the most postal-friendly embellishment because they are the flattest. But the pearls and rhinestones look better to me.

You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion as to which looks better.

No matter which you prefer, however, you simply must admit that having all three is preferable to only having one or two.

And if you only have one or two in your stash, I won't judge you if you run out and buy the ones you don't have.

That way, I won't have to feel guilty about longing for those stupid enamel-looking dots all the super-star stampers are using on their cards these days, right?

Of course I'm right.

Happy shopping stamping!

stamps: Papertrey Wreath for All Seasons
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: rhinestones, pearls, nail heads, corner rounder


  1. So true, you can never have enough embellishments. Can i ask you what are nailheads? Love the simplicity of those cards.

  2. Do you know that if you put a dry embossed piece of cardstock over the front of your card so that the rhinestones and pearls don't "pop" that your cards would all be postal friendly?

    Twenty cents saved is twenty cents saved every time I use an extra piece of cardstock...of course minus the pennies for the extra piece of cardstock!

  3. Susan, you are a woman after my own heart! In fact, I need to finish organizing my "stuff" in my craft room. Your cards are simply gorgeous. I started out making shabby cards but through the years have fallen in love with CAS. This year I set my goal to improve my CAS abilities and, while I am a long way from being as good as you, I am pleased with my progress. Your inspiration helps so much! Love your cards!

  4. I love your variations on this beautiful CAS design. And, I am so glad that the answer to the question posed in your post title is a definite 'NO'. Off to shop--er I mean stamp.

  5. I like the variation on the embellishments on your cards. I have no nailheads. But I do have rhinestones, pearls and sequins. Sequins are very mail friendly. LOL about your comment re those "stupid enamel looking dots" and "super star stampers." (Jennifer McGuire had a nice post on making your own.)

  6. It makes me wonder where you got those cool nail heads ;-)

    Yes, it does.

  7. No, no one can have too much stuff. Shopping craft supplies is a very effective kind of therapy, I was told. Alright, it's the voice in my head that told me that, but don't you agree with that? Will you share how you have become immune to all those new trends, products, techniques that all the super-star stampers are using? I'm longing for those enamel dots (and a million of other new products) too!

  8. Mmmm, well I'm pretty sure I don't have even one red version of any of those... although I'd like some, LOL! I'm too frugal to buy multiple versions of something in the same colour, which often causes me problems when I don't have "just the right thing" to finish my card. ;-) These are all gorgeous, Susan, and I agree, the nailheads are perfect.

  9. Love this card and the variations on the red accent. Like Michelle, I have a hard time buying multiple colors of something. Unless it's a great sale! Tomorrow I am going up to the Scrapping and Stamping show in Birch Run, MI. Thirty vendors all under one roof! I am taking my allowance and plan to spend it all! So excited!

  10. I like all three embellishments but I think the pearls are my favourite. I have some nailheads but rarely use them. Thank you so much for saying I can never have too much stuff!! Some people would say I have way too many embellishments....

  11. I am soooo with you on the stamper's ADHD thing! I hate to make the same card twice, and would never just copy someone else's card,either. Each card must be unique in some way. I do sometimes get onto a theme, and make 5 of something, but each will be a different color, or use a different sentiment, or whatever.
    Your berries are all gorgeous, but I'm a little partial to the rhinestones!

  12. awesome cards! I think the nail heads are actually my fave.

  13. Beautiful! I recently found PAPER PEN by Viva decor for my enamel looking dots. I, too, find the dots to be expensive. So, when I found that I could make my own, in any size, and they come in different colors, I am more than happy with the results.


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