Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jonah Update and Cards I've Received from Nice People

I've received a LOT of birthday cards for Jonah and will deliver the second batch to his house tomorrow morning. Don't worry if your name isn't on the list of received cards yet. Jonah cannot open all these cards at one time. He's two days shy of five years old, and his attention span isn't long enough to open more than a few a day. Molly told me that Jonah really appreciates the creativity of all your cards and is very interested in where they come from. Rest assured, I will continue to deliver any cards that come in late because they are reaching a VERY appreciative audience!

Several of you have asked if Jonah is getting his dog or not. Here's what Molly, Jonah's mom, posted on Facebook:

Some of you have asked if Jonah is getting his big, black dog; something he has been looking forward to getting "when he turns five." We have decided not to get a dog this year. Jonah decided about a month ago that he'd like to wait another year - when he turns 6 - to get a "big black dog."

When we asked why the change of heart, he mentioned that he wanted to wait until his legs got stronger and he could balance better. We think he has anxiety about his peripheral neuropathy, his poor balance and muscle control, and being able to walk a dog that might put tension on the lead.
Also, Jonah's muscles fatigue easily - even when going for short walks. A big dog would require nice, long walks and a sure hand on the leash. Jonah's mobility, endurance and balance has, indeed, gotten a little worse this past chemo session. It takes a long time for these things to come back once chemo has stopped. So, waiting a bit longer to get a "big, black dog" is probably not a bad idea.

Jonah is demonstrating wisdom beyond his years and we respect his choice - as sad as it is to understand the "why" behind it. We are in no rush. We will wait until the time is right for us to get the "perfect" furry friend for our family.

This sounds like a very smart decision, especially given what we are dealing with in our house right now. Daisy is a very gentle golden retriever, but she is also very active. Keeping her quiet for 10 days while her surgical wound heals is nigh on impossible. A big, black puppy around an unsteady little guy would be tough. Very tough.

It warms my heart that so many of you have taken Jonah into your hearts, and I appreciate what you've done for him and his family through this incredibly difficult time. Y'all are amazing!

Several of you included cards for me in your mail to Jonah, and I want to share those here. Thank you so much to Heather, Joann, and Suzanne for brightening my day with your beautiful artwork!

Notice how gorgeous Heather's coloring is...and the
perfect touch of the white lines to add dimension.

Joann's use of black brings her beautiful card a great sense of unity, and
the fun paper folding offers a lot of movement.

Suzanne's use of washi is just so perfect and happy and fun!
The butterflies form a fab visual triangle, and BLING!

These three will be added to my inspiration boards. Again, thank you!!!


  1. Susan -- and all those who are following her blog -- Thank you so much for your loving support of Jonah. It is amazing how God moves the hearts of people with compassion for others. I have been so blessed by each of you. I head down to Jonah's tomorrow for his birthday party on Saturday. Jonah shares all of his cards with me and I am overwhelmed by the creative talent and love of each of you! Jonah's Nana~

  2. Love, Love, LOVE the clover card and my daughter would too because green is her favourite colour! Can we find out where that lovely clover stamp is from? Would love to get it for my girl! Thanks for sharing about Jonah! He is so wise for such a young boy! Praying for him and his family! xxx

  3. i. also would like to know the stamps used on the clover crds. Very nice!


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