Monday, February 9, 2015

Chocolate Inspiration

Poking around on Pinterest can yield some pretty amazing visual inspiration, like this chocolate packaging:


At first glance, I wondered why ANYONE would want lettuce-flavored chocolate, but that there leaf is mint...supersized. Yum.

But the packaging is as yummy as the chocolate no doubt is, so I decided to play around with it, adding my own CAS twists.

Note that I ditched the white-on-black label for the easier and cleaner black-on-white. The sentiment on the orange card has a loose feel that contrasts nicely with the crisp, tight order of the flowers. And I added bling. Because, you know. BLING!

The green butterfly card is a bit busier, so I went with a very classic, clean font, which I just adore, for the sentiment. The tiny butterfly on the raised panel actually caused me some inner debate.

Me: Should this little darling be flying into or out of the card?
Me: Into would be better. It would keep the eye in the card space.
Me: No, out of would be better. As if the sender's inner eye and thoughts were flying to the recipient....
Me: Hmmm. Which one will work better?
Me: Just pick one already, why don't ya'!

If you CASE this card, switch the butterfly if you want. I honestly don't think it matters! The point of the splash of color on the right side of the card is unity...bringing the whole card together, as the chocolate packaging does. The first card reinforces its design unity with the bling, but the tiny butterfly didn't have anyplace to put bling, really, so I left it bare. There are, however, three tiny butterflies arranged in a triangle, so that will have to suffice.

And that's all I have to say about that. I'm off to eat some chocolate.

stamps: Card 1 (Gina K Hello Sunshine), Card 1 (Papertrey butterflies, Gina K sentiment)
ink: various Memento Luxe and Impress Fresh Inks
paper: Papertrey White
accessories: rhinestones, dimensionals


  1. Gorgeous packaging. Gorgeous cards.

  2. Beautiful cards, love the inspiration. On a slightly different note, do butterflies fly upside down? I haven't been able to do it even if it would balance the card :)

  3. Also took me a few seconds to realise that it must be a mint leaf. LOVE the butterfly one - the colours, the solid stamps (I think it looks less busy as each butterfly is one solid piece) - and I would also have put the butterfly flying off the card as you did!
    Will certainly be casing this.

  4. Awesome inspired cards I love the b fly one!

  5. I think he's directing you to the inside of the card...

    And how you got from those chocolate wrappers to your cards is beyond me. If I had seen these on Pinterest, I would have just skipped right on by...

  6. You are so clever. You certainly look at things around you differently. Thanks for sharing and opening our eyes.

  7. inspired by chocolate is always a good thing....great looking cards mf!


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