Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inspired by....Business Cards

I just love finding cool layout ideas from business items...logos, business stationery, signage, ads, and--of course--business cards. These cards caught my eye on Pinterest.

I love the natural colors and patterns on the cards, but I'm "kraft-impaired." Every time I work with kraft paper, the results look like someone else made it. Oh, yes, I tried to make my card with a kraft tab and base, but it didn't work for me. It just didn't. So I made it this way instead, which looks just like something I would make:

Oh, frabjous day!

A few differences other than color: 1) I extended the tab beyond the border of the stamped "card." The business card design unifies the front and back by wrapping the tab around (which is BRILLIANT, by the way). Since I can't wrap in this situation*, I thought extending it a bit would make my version feel more unified, and the results are lovely. 2) Bling. Because, well, you already know. 3) The sentiment panel is popped to add some dimension that isn't necessarily appropriate on a business card.

Still, I love this design and want to experiment some more with it. It's so versatile!

*I really, really want to make a card that has a tab wrapped from the outside to the inside of the card...a scaled up version of the business card. Wouldn't that be awesome! Feel free to steal this idea and tell me about it. Life sure had gotten busy lately, and who knows when I'll have a chance to pull it off!

stamps: Hero Arts (background, discontinued), Papertrey Mega Mixed Messages
ink: Impress Fresh Ink island, VersaMagic jumbo java
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: dimensionals, rhinestones


  1. Love What you have done. I can feel for you there with the kraft. I too have tried unsuccessfully to make cards using kraft but its just not to be. Love the inspiration from the business cards, could see lots of ideas there.

  2. great inspiration and great card! you could do the wrap around IF you made flat cards. I love flat cards!!!

  3. Beautiful, Susan! Great take on the Pinterest photo!

  4. Well spotted ... and a great take. Hope to try too. Love the wrap around idea.

  5. Your design is beautifully balanced and the colour lovely too. I like the wrap around idea...I wonder.
    I know some card makers give as much thought to the inside as the outside of the card. I really don't but a wrap around would require me to think about it for sure.
    Heather T

  6. This is awesome. Look at you, layering...


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