Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Where's the White Space?

Dude cards are hard.

Today's card deviates from my norm because I made it specifically for my BIL, who is a history professor. I thought this might be a perfect opportunity to use my Hero Arts Americas background stamp, which has such beautiful, flowing lines. But dang, it's busy to my eyes!

You wouldn't believe how long I debated inking the edges of the two stamped panels. In the end, I'm glad I did. It really emphasizes the straight lines...in contrast to all the curvy, irregular lines on the map image.

While this isn't my usual style and looks sort of weird on a blog so dedicated to white space, I think the recipient will very much appreciate the map and the masculine cream-and-brown color scheme. It's not often I feel motivated to go outside my style for someone...but occasionally it's sort of fun!

Do you make cards outside your "normal" style for particular people? Why or why not? I'm interested to know because I honestly don't think there's a right or wrong here. Some people make cards for others, some for their own artistic self-expression, some for other reasons altogether. What motivates you? I think I'm mostly motivated by my joy in expressing my love of CAS style, but I do want recipients to like what I send!

stamps: Hero Arts Americas, Papertrey sentiment
ink: VersaMagic jumbo java
paper: Papertrey vintage cream
accessories: brown half-pearls


  1. Who are you, and what have you done with Susan Raihala? I have known you for years now, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen one of your card fronts inked nearly corner to corner. Seriously, Susan, I do love this. It's a wonderful man card, and perfect for your history buff BIL. So glad you shared it! Hugs...

  2. Great Dude card. I normally don't make cards that have lots and lots of layers and embellishments. I've been sending cards to a Vet amputee and finally decided that Dudes may like pretty cards, too, so that's what he's getting now. Dude cards are difficult for me.

  3. A nice surprise to see that you made this with the recipient in mind. I agree that is is so different than your normal style, but fun to see!

  4. I really like this card, the sentiment is emphasised because it's the reverse of the norm. I always try to tailor the card to the recipient, for me that's why I make cards, it's quicker than try to find the right one! I'm still trying out different styles as I love trying something new. Some day I may even try shabby chic :)

  5. Thank you for sharing your opportunity to break the rules. I usually customize my cards for kids only. Those recipients get an interactive card. Most other times my card is made just because I saw an idea like your card.

  6. Gorgeous masculine card, Susan! When I get a client that doesn't want one of my pre-made cards, and tells me what they want on it, I generally hit a road block in my head, but then my wheels get to turning and they love how it turns out. Thank God that doesn't happen too often, because my brain starts cramping, KWIM? LOL!

  7. I try to use colors and style that I think the person will enjoy, but within my normal range of how I make cards. When I make something that's really "not me," it's typically for a challenge or because I think I "should" try a new technique. Sometimes I love it and it adds to my range, other times not. I make cards because I enjoy the creative process, but the practical part of me wants them to be useful, which means being liked by the sender (me, or the troops for my OWH cards) and the recipient. And I don't think your map card is too busy - just less CAS than usual for you.

  8. I found that I usually HAVE to make a card with the recipients style in mind. I tried entering card challenges and struggled to make cards that didn't already have an intended recipient. The ones I tried to make generically turned out just that, generic. But the ones I make for someone in particular have so much more personality. I agree with the others above that making a card in someone else's style is a good way to bring you out of your comfort zone occasionally. I personally love today's card, and I bet your BIL will too.

  9. I always make a card with the recipient in mind, it helps to focus down the possibilities as to colour/sentiment/image selection. Otherwise i just end up staring at a big crafty mess with no card to show for my time! I also think about potential recipients when purchasing new stamps as there's no point in having lots of lovely floral images that will never see ink (I make a LOT of dude cards) :) Thanks for the inspiration to try an all-out background stamp, cheers, Juliet

  10. I almost always make cards with the recipient in mind but they also reflect my style. If I'm trying a new technique or I'm just playing, I may not have someone in mind.

  11. When I make a card for a certain person, I make it specifically for this person. So it may well be out of my comfort zone. I will not start piling embellishments etc, it´s not my way of cardmaking. But I do pick colours or papers I wouldn´t normally use, make it a little busier etc. It´s like buying a present: it´s supposed to be right for the recipient.

    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and words. I love to visit your blog to read, to enjoy and feel inspired to craft!

    Greetings from Germany,


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