Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Stuff

A few weeks ago, I received an email from reader Sarah asking for my snail mail address. She had something to send me.

Oh, my.

Oh, my. Oh, my!

Isn't this FABULOUS!!!!?!?!?

I'll never think about pears the same way again! Or figs, or melons. Or strawberries. Or bananas. Butts and boobs, everywhere!

This bag made me sooooo happy. You have no idea! And it came in handy on my trip to Maryland. A LOT of stuff fits into this bag, and my mom and sister both laughed out loud when I showed it to them. Thank you so much, Sarah! This will bring joy to my vacations for YEARS to come!

And here's a pair of giant pears I encountered in a restaurant in Maryland. You'll be disappointed to know that I walked right past without noticing sister pointed them out to me.

My vacation was full of fruit! It was not, sadly, full of stamping.

No card for today. After being out of town for practically a week, I'm a bit behind in my stamping. Please "pear" with me.

Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Also, several people have asked recently for updates on Jonah, the little boy with cancer whom we showered with cards a while back. Well, Jonah turned six this month, and keeps getting good news at his check-ups. He'll have another scan this summer, but here's the picture his mom posted on Facebook today. What a cutie!!!

I hope these pictures put a smile on your face to start your week off happy!


  1. Good news all the way around! That bag is just too cute! That fabric designer really has a sense of humor!!!!

  2. Thanks for making me smile from ear-to-ear with this post thanks to pears on a bag and a little boy named Jonah!

  3. What a great gift! Oh, the pears are hilarious. I know how they can drive you nuts! Funny!

  4. LOL - You'll smile every time you use that bag -- how fun! Great news on the Little too

  5. I spewed... then giggled... then had a huge smile on my face when I saw that darling little boy!

  6. ok have totally solidified it...every time I see pears I think of you; as if it wasn't bad enough already!!!!!LOL What a fun gift from friend.
    So happy Jonah is continuing to improve. Happy day.

  7. That bag IS fabulous! I love it! :-) I think of you every time I see a pear, and I smile. Such wonderful news on Jonah! I really think that all that love that went along with the cards we sent must have helped in some small way.


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