Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hazards of Stamping

Okay, so I'm a dork who recently had toilet paper hanging out the back of her jeans.

In public.

A friend noticed.

We laughed.

I didn't even blush, but I did think, "Susan, you are a class-A dork. Meh. There are worse things you could be."

So when my husband noticed tiny yellow bits of paper stuck to my sleeve, I didn't even bat an eye. Of course I have tiny bits of post-it note stuck to me randomly because I just cut a mask for a deer. Have you ever cut a mask for tiny little deer legs? My husband clearly hasn't because he acted like I was crazy or something.

There are WAYYYY worse things than having bits of yellow paper stuck to your sleeve.

As discussed in this post and this post, Clearly Besotted's Woodland Pals set inspired me to work up different ideas for grounding the critters in it. We don't want critters floating around with no gravity, right? The idea for this one came when I noticed the spots on the fawn and the mushroom and remembered this very, very old border stamp from Hero Arts, which I stamped twice here (reversing the direction so the dots didn't line up perfectly, which would have looked weird).

Two observations about this card...

  1. The sentiment spells dear properly for its meaning, which makes me happy. I don't mind puns, but misspelled words bother me. We're going to pretend that there's a comma after thanks, though. Because there should be. Oh, there should be.
  2. I like how the deer is looking back toward the sentiment and the mushroom, and the way the three elements form a nice triangle. But please tell me it doesn't look like the deer made a giant, mushroom-shaped "business" in the forest. That's just my English-major mind, right?
And that's all I have to say about that.

stamps: Clearly Besotted Woodland Pals; Hero Arts border
ink: Hero Arts
paper: Papertrey
accessories: none


  1. No he doesnt look as though he has done something, just looking back. It must kill you to read my comments cause I love short cuts and never add ' or , or capitals. But you will forgive me cause I love to comment and give you something to think about.
    My horror moment was getting home and having my husband ask me about the giant tear in my trousers. The material had just worn out, very very light summer weight. Cool and breezy right across my backside and down my leg. Ohhh my I had just been to get groceries. The thought of when did this happen and how many people got to see my delicate (not) toush covered with my grandma knickers as I wandered round the shops. I tell you it took a while to forget that moment and go to those particular shops again (at least a day or two before my memory faded). Wish I'd had a friend to tell me then.

  2. Sorry forgot to say I loved this card, really cute deer.

  3. I wasn't thinking anything at all about the deer looking backward... until now. And now I'll never be able to look at a mushroom again without thinking of you and your weird English-major mind. Pears and mushrooms. :) Cute card! I haven't been "into" cute either, but I recently bought Avery Elle's Storybook and More Stories sets. Can't wait to ink up those little critters.

  4. You know, until this week I'd never really given much thought to animals on cards needing to be grounded - after the last few days, whenever I see one that isn't it looks All Wrong. And cute looks so good when it's combined with simplicity like this instead of masses of frills and flowers!

  5. This deer is so cute! I love this stamp the most so far. And animaal should have a ground, yes! I'm glad you did take the time to mask the legs of the deer, the 'grass' looks great around it. And observation two made me laugh! It is a great detail the dots are on the ground, on the mushroom ánd the deer her buttom!

  6. What a great way to ground the critter!!!!

    Yah, bits of post-it note isn't a bad thing to have clinging to our person at all!

    Thanks for the fun post!

  7. Thanks, dear. You just made me LOL.

  8. So cute! And no, the mushroom looks like a mushroom and nothing else, lol! I love how you've used the border stamp as the grass. It's perfect. I'm with you on that missing comma. ;-)

  9. I love that the deer is looking back over his shoulder. Helps the "why is he looking to the left of the card" hang-up I have. Well, If I owned that stamp.

    And I'd totally put in the comma so I'd sleep at night.


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