Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ink Pics, a Card, and an Anniversary

A few weeks ago (or maybe longer), I promised to revisit my ink storage on this here blog because I know you all love seeing evidence of other people's mental illness obsession collections of crap stuff in pictures.

So here are my most current photos of my ink collection.

Brilliance Inks have a lovely shimmer to them, and of
course I need to add the silver Delicata to the collection.
The gold is just scrumptious!

Yellow, orange, pink, red, and neutral pigment inks.
I use happily Memento Luxe, VersaMagic, and Fresh Ink
interchangeably for that thick, rich pigment look

Purple, blue, and green pigment inks

Kaleidacolor pads. These dye pads are so much fun!

What's left of my SU dye ink collection: all the old-
style, flip-top pads. Great colors every one!

Miscellaneous pads that I hardly ever use.

Blue and green dye inks. My favorites are Hero Arts, Memento,
and Ancient Page. The Memories inks are the same as Hero inks.

Pink, Red, and Purple dye inks.

Yellow, orange, and neutral dye inks.
So there you have it. My inky craziness.

BTW, I like having my inks in plastic drawers stored on my desk within an easy arm's reach. I can pull out a drawer, stack them on my desk, put them back. It's light-weight, easy, and a cinch to straighten up afterwards.

I reflected yesterday, as I deep-cleaned my craft space, that ink is a necessary supply for me...lots of ink in lots of colors. It actually gets used all the time. While some of my supplies might have been over-bought in too many colors (Smooch, Stickles, baker's twine, ribbon, etc.), I don't feel I have too many colors of ink.

Which probably makes me certifiably crazy. But I don't care.

Anyway, today's card uses Memento black, VersaMagic jumbo java, and Avery Elle mango inks, along with a few Copic/Bic/Sharpie markers and some brown Stickles. That seems like a lot for such a simple, clean card, doesn't it?


Today, Flag Day, is my wedding anniversary. Twenty-nine years. This is odd, because that means we got married as infants. We. Are. Not. That. Old.

I'm still thirty. Right?

Denial is a river that runs deep and wide.

stamps: Mama Elephant, Papertrey
ink: Memento, Avery Elle, VersaMagic
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: Stickles, alcohol markers


  1. i think this will be very nice
    new post:

  2. Happy Anniversary. You were obviously (like me, of course) married off by your parents in a pre-birth arrangement.
    I feel quite inadequate with my two old shoe boxes full of inks now. Is ink envy A Thing?

    1. Ink envy is, indeed, A Thing. But it is easy enough to fix. *wink*

  3. Tee hee. With you on the you-can-never-have-too-many-inks wagon. Happy 29th.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love your card today - that yellow is a very happy color for me. I agree, it's not too many because you use them. My example would be my many colors of card stock that I enjoy using.

  5. Happy anniversary! And you are right: ink is a necessity for the card maker, and a person can not have too many colors. Enjoy!

  6. I know... right? My husband's and my 31st anniversary is tomorrow and I'm not sure I was even BORN before I got married! ;) In my mind I am in my 20's NOT 50's!
    Love this card... I can never quite get my sentiment and image as perfectly pleasing as yours!

  7. Happy Anniversary and many more! Wonderful card, today, well, as usual. :-)

  8. Happy Anniversary! Flag Day is/was a great day to get married. We just celebrated our 46th Anniversary this Flag Day. And I have to agree with the age thing though; it really doesn't seem like we could be anywhere old enough to have been married this long.

  9. Happy Anniversary. Both of you are "keepers." Glad you found each other.

  10. Happy Anniversary!

    I totally agree that you can never have too many inks! As long as each color is a little different than the rest, it is useful. (exception to the rule: Jennifer McGuire may actually have too many inks. I mean really, it's a good problem to have, but I would have a major issue with storage capacity).

  11. Can you give us some hints on when it's appropriate to use which kind of ink, i.e. dye vs. pigment, etc. I, too, have tons of ink pads, but am never completely sure I'm using them correctly.

    1. An excellent idea, Darla. I'll put my thinking cap on.

  12. You are so organized. I have a tiny, tiny gross space with no room....and those pesky little gremlins keep coming in and making such a mess of my work space. How does that happen!!?

  13. Lovely card! I love inks too... just purchased six more today at a yard sale. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!! :)

  14. I wish I can say "Accio inkpads" and they'd magically come over to me :D


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