Monday, June 29, 2015

Tiny Stuff

I just returned yesterday from a week in Maryland visiting my mom, sister, and her family. What a week it was...historic, rainy, hot and cold, full, long and too short all at the same time. This week is filling up fast with lots of stuff that isn't stamping, so postings may be spotty while I catch up. Don't worry. We're fine.

(That might seem weird, but I find if I go a few days without posting, some of you get worried. That's so kind of you!)

In Maryland, I was able to spend a few rushed minutes in a Papyrus store. LOVE these places of gorgeous cards and paper and stuff! Today's card is in honor of all the Papyrus note card sets that are so very minimalist and perfect with tiny images and lots of white space.

Please note that I am in no way being compensated for mentioning Papyrus on a blog post. I'm just sharing my enthusiasm.

You might not guess, but all the stamps used on my card are from Papertrey's Happy Hexagons. It's fun to use little elements in a set all by themselves!

Shameless Promotion of my Other Blogs
Most of you read Simplicity for the cards and not the words, and that's great. If , however, you're interested in my writing, you might enjoy my two other blogs...Questioning my Intelligence and Transforming Common Days. Questioning is more of a traditional personal blog, while Transforming focuses on faith life.

If you're sick of all the hate and vicious discourse surrounding the SCOTUS decision last week regarding marriage equality, you might want to click over to my recent Transforming Common Days post on the subject. I hope you'll find another way to think about how we can use our words carefully and lovingly in the face of disagreement.

stamps: Papertrey Happy Hexagons
ink: Fresh Ink freesia, Memento black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: black half-pearls


  1. lovely
    new post:

  2. I have this set. Now I have to go back and explore it more. Great card, Susan!

  3. Just read your Transforming piece on the hate following the SC ruling on marriage equality. I value and am grateful for the insight you gave—it applies to ALL of the disagreements we have, no matter the religion or beliefs. Thanks for the reminder.

    I love your card-making skill, now there's another gift to appreciate.


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