Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Altenew Invisible Alphabet

A while back, I purchased the Altenew Invisible Alphabet set. It's really cool, and today's cards show lots of basic CAS options with it.

First, the light-ink option. This creates a ghost word of sorts, subtle and pretty. It was so subtle, I had to add a darker image...and bling. Because, well...no reason needed. I like the subtlety of the sentiment "spoken" by the butterfly.

And now, the multicolor option. I played around with a color combo on Pinterest for this colorful card that needs no image to enhance it. But now I wish it had bling. Not sure where I'd put it, though.

Here's a monochromatic portrait of "hi" in a rich deep ocean color.

Next, an ombre triple "hi" in shades of green.

And finally, a bit of square Christmas joy.

See? I told you Altenew's Invisible Alphabet is cool! I'm going to keep experimenting with it. I think it could be extraordinarily pretty with resist techniques, stamped in metallics or black over a watercolor wash or stamped background, white embossed on colored cardstock...and so on, and so on, and so on.

So many options. Not enough time.

stamps: Altenew Invisible Alphabet
inks: various
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: none


  1. Hi Susan, I enjoy getting your daily posts. How easy was it to line up these alphabets? I'm also considering Concord & 9th's Sophisticated Script alphabets. Have you seen those? Thanks for your daily inspiration and sharing your talent.

    1. This alphabet is extremely easy to line up with a gridded acrylic block because the letter bases are so flat and straight. I stamped each letter individually rather than adding them all to the block and stamping once. It's a bit more time-consuming, but easier, I think, to align everything. It does take a bit of a practiced eye to get the spacing between letters right, though.

      Not sure about the Sophisticated Script alphabet. I'd have to try it to be sure, but my gut tells me it would be easy because it wouldn't have to be "perfect" because of the looseness of the font.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Susan, Inspiring as always. I love the red and green JOY for Christmas card. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  3. Wow--what a fabulous alphabet. I love how you've shown it off here.

  4. It's a really interesting alphabet. Especially in your hands!

  5. Cool alphabet! I hadn't seen it before. You've done some neat things with it and I'm inspired! :)

  6. Hi Susan, I'm late to this party by a year lol. I'm thinking of getting this alphabet die set as I've seen some stunning designs with it. Could you tell me though please, the ones you used does each later come in like a square? The ones here I've found are all on squares. Nope I've worked it out lol I've been looking at stamps I think not dies. So forget this lol. Glad I found your blog and hopefully if I know how I will follow you. (Can you tell I'm new to this) LOL.


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