Tuesday, May 10, 2016

More Delicata Goodness and the Power of Doughnuts

I want to publicly thank two of my readers today for being so awesome. Sue C. sent me a bunch of Swarovski crystals in gorgeous colors just because she's so nice, and Joyce M. sent me stamped samples of PTI's terracotta ink, which allowed me to see that it's a perfect replacement for my obsolete Ancient Page henna. Thank you, ladies!

Now for today's card.

Do you remember color-blocking? I don't see it much these days, but I have always adored the crisp, clean lines of rectangles arranged pleasingly on a white backdrop. When I found myself with a smallish scrap of the Delicata gold-stamped background, I decided a color-blocked card would be in order.

Two rectangles. One sentiment. Clean and simple.

Something to note: the shorter block is approximately half the height of the taller one. Conforming to the rule of thirds rarely steers you wrong. The sentiment is placed asymmetrically, on purpose. The "thank you" sentiment I considered first only covered half the width and looked really weird. The "thinking of you" sentiment occupies approximately two-thirds of the width of the panel, with one-third of it left blank. This forces the eye to move around a bit and adds interest. Rule of thirds. It rocks.

Once again, I will say if you don't have the Delicata gold ink pad, get it. Please. It will make you happy.

And who doesn't need a little happiness in her life right now?

Speaking of happiness, today our church's regular Bible study had extra doughnuts. We always have extra treats (we're Methodists so not having extra would be unnatural), and the extras usually go to the preschool teachers. Well, as it's teacher appreciation week, the church's conference room has been converted to a lunch room, and mounds of food were already there. The teachers didn't want or need the doughnuts.

I took the doughnuts. Hold that thought.

When my car was totalled in February, we replaced it with a new one and ordered new plates. The state of Ohio requires plates on the front and the rear bumpers, but when my plates came, I realized that there were no holes in the front bumper prepared for a license plate. For weeks, now, I have been driving around in violation of the law, stymied by the lack of skillz needed to attach the plates.

This morning, as I dropped my son off at the high school, a story on NPR reported that someone had been pulled over for missing a front license plate. No idea what the story was about, because as soon as I heard that, it occurred to me that I might need to do something about my own missing plate.

After Bible study, with a box of doughnuts on my front passenger seat, I drove straight to the Mazda dealership and into the service bay.  In my most helpless, little old gray-haired lady voice, asked the gentlemen to attach my license plate. Of course the answer was yes, so I said, "Would you all like some doughnuts?"

Stupid question.

Everyone was happy. The Bible study class plus a bunch of hard-working mechanics got doughnuts. I'm driving legally now. The teachers feel appreciated.

I'm so happy to be a Methodist.

stamps: Tim Holtz (background), Clearly Besotted Clearly Sentimental
ink: Delicata gold, Memento Luxe black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: craft foam


  1. Love your story! ... I love your card, too. Did you use embossing powder with the Delicata Gold ink, or is it naturally that brilliant?

    "I'm so happy to be a Methodist." Me, too.

    1. No embossing needed, although I did set the stamped panel aside overnight for it to dry. That stamp puts down a lot of ink! The Delicata really is amazing!

  2. Gorgeous card...that gold is giddy-sigh-worthy!!! And having worked in car dealerships most of my adult life, I can tell you that auto mechanics REMEMBER a customer who brings in doughnuts!!! You get a gold star for that one!

    1. Thanks! I really do like this service department. My diamond ring slipped into the gear shift panel of the deceased vehicle a year or so ago, and those guys spent so much time fishing it out! Didn't charge me a thing. My grandfather worked in a Ford body shop for many years. I so admire competent people who work with their hands. I need them in my life. Regularly!

  3. Brilliant Susan, thanks for all your inspiring posts. I had never heard of the Delicata gold ink pad until you recommended it. I did get it, based upon your recommendation, and you are right, it does make me happy! Thank you for that and for all your wonderful advice.

  4. Delightful card and wonderful story, although I'm a little surprised to hear that appararently in some parts of the civil world front license plates are not required. Really? Here in Greece, there are are people who drive with only one license plate or illegible license plates, but that's a different matter lol. In the Netherlands, these people would be fined.
    The Delicata is still on my wish list, but it surely does look fabulous.

    1. In the U.S., individual states license vehicles and each state has its own rules. Some states only require rear plates.

  5. Such a nice card, and that story was a joy to read, Susan!

  6. Methodists:Good. Doughnuts:Good. Delicata Ink:Good.

    It's all GOOD.

  7. I'm happy you found a replacement ink (PTI terra cotta tile is a great color!) and a good home for your extra doughnuts! And your card is beautiful.


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