Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two Tidbits and a Season

First, the book update. A while back, I mentioned working on a stamping book. Well, the introduction and a couple of chapters are in draft form, but the realities of publishing have caught up with me. Turns out that publishing an e-book with lots of photos isn't technologically feasible at this time. The other options are a) I lay out gobs of money to a vanity press for a 1,000 print run and hope they all sell for a good price, or b) I create a print-on-demand book that costs you, the reader, gobs of money per copy.

Neither of these options sounds workable. So I'm tabling my stamping book until e-book technology catches up. Then, I can price it reasonably so you want to buy it and not have a huge expense eating into my son's college fund. Everyone will be happy. In the meantime, I'll try to write writerly posts occasionally here.

For free.

Free is good!

Second, many of you mentioned the MISTI as an option for layered stamping. That's great for those who want to invest in one, but for now, I'm going to pass, reserving the right to change my mind at any time. However, I did download Evernote today and began indexing stamps on my iPad. That was free. And not too annoying.

Third, a season. I've always liked the passage from Ecclesiastes about seasons and particularly enjoy the musical version of it by the Byrds. A friend is currently experiencing a season that doesn't make sense to her, a season that doesn't feel fair. It isn't fair, actually. But as we are both women of faith, this passage reminds us that every season--no matter how much it sucks--gets turned to His purpose. So I wanted to share it with her, courtesy of this stamp from Papertrey's Beautiful Blessings.

I hope the card encourages her to trust and endure. Seasons change. This, too, shall pass.

stamps: Papertrey Beautiful Blessings, Concord & 9th Wild Flowers, Hero Arts small flower
ink: various dye inks, Memento Luxe black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: silver metallic marker, craft foam, silver half bead


  1. Hi Susan, I was thinking in reference to the Misti on the facebook group Stamping Enablers there is a file in the files section on how to make your own version of a stamp positioner if theres a handy man/woman in the house.
    Also if you ever need some advice or suggestions I have published a number of sign language books (but not e books) and am happy to listen or chat if you want. Cheers Aileen

  2. I am with you about the MISTI. Useful as it looks it seems to cost a lot of money and I will stick with my ungroovy but functional old stamp positioner. I love that quote and will now have the song in my head all day.

  3. Invest in the Misti- you will LOVE it as much as I love mine. I was able to make 30 cards in
    a very short time yesterday-without my usual stamping errors of lining up the images. What a time saver, not too mention no wasted supplies.

  4. Looking forward to your opinion on Evernote - ow long it takes to index, and was it worth your time....

  5. I'm always so impressed by your ability to put metallic edgings on your layers. They always look so professional. I'm sure you'd say the secret is a ruler but I suspect some talent has to fit in there somewhere!

  6. As always, thanks for the timely scripture. I needed it today. Regarding the MISTI, I held out for a long time, but finally caved. Everyone makes his or her own choice, but from my perspective it's the best craft dollars I've ever spent.

  7. Absolutely beautiful card, and message! You really must share your secret for such perfect metallic edges!!! Also, I will second Donna's "best craft dollars ever spent" on the MISTI above, if for no other reason that it keeps you from wasting the dollars you spent on the other crafty supplies. For me the really big thing is that I don't have as much time or mojo for crafting as I once did, so my time in the craft room can't be wasted on fruitless efforts. I need to have something useful to show for my time in there. This made that happen, and made me more likely to craft knowing it wouldn't be a complete waste of time or supplies. It also helps with my Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms since I don't have to push so hard anymore. And the techniques you can do... pretty cool stuff. Btw, thanks for the ear worm ;-) I'll still have this song in my head when I lay in bed tonight!

  8. That's a great card and a great husband's family is having a season which is possibly not fair either....every phone call brings the thought 'is this the end' - it is imminent.
    The Frugal Crafter has a video on how to make your own version of Misti....from a Hallmark DVD case.
    I have to agree that it is the best stamping tool I've ever come across. I love that you can have a second pass and not waste cardstock. I have the mini Misti.
    Blessings to your friend for her wellbeing.

  9. The card and sentiment are lovely. I'm sure your friend will treasure it.

  10. As any MISTI owner who originally resisted will tell you.... WHY DID I WAIT???!!! (I am not affiliated with Sweet Petunia at all just so you know!) I am CDN and bought when the dollar was terrible and I had to pay that difference on the shipping as well! So was it worth it?? Oh yeah!! All that and MORE! Next time you think you need another butterfly stamp set...put that money in a Jar and save up for the will NOT regret it! it's like opening a whole new world up in stamping! So many techniques are SO much easier with the MISTI! :D

  11. Susan...I concur with all above. Buy the worth the money, I find I reach for it more and more because I love the results. Also forgive me if I missed a post..,did you explain how we can index with Evernote? I so need to do something!


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