Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Clean Christmas

Doodlebug's darling dimensional holly stickers and a fun-fonted sentiment: that's all you need for a clean Christmas card.

Card size 6.25" x 3.5"

And yes, I participled a noun because it was jolly good fun to do so. (I also verbed a participle. Ha! I could do this all night, but I'll stop now. You're welcome.)

When I showed this card to my son, he was taken aback. "I'm surprised you're making a Christmas card," he said. "It's not Christmas time!"

Oh, my son. If only you knew the power of new Christmas stamps. Resistance is futile.

Besides, trying to make a hundred-plus Christmas cards during Christmas time...well, that's just crazy talk.

Can I hear an amen?

stamps: Simon Says Stamp For To Us
ink: Memento Luxe love letter
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: Doodlebug holly stickers


  1. AMEN! I only do about half of your total, but still not a lot of fun to try and do the end of November in order to get them in the mail on time. I have also challenged myself to make each card different so I can 'justify' the monumental pile of unused Christmas stamps I have acquired. ahem. Love the font of your sentiment....it conveys great joy!
    Lu C

  2. Very cute! I will admit my first thought was "oh, pluuuuease!! Christmas already?!" Then, I remembered that I am possibly the only "card maker" who decided to give up the stress of making Christmas cards!

  3. Ah. Christmasing in May! Amen.

  4. Ha, just tell your son that Christmas comes around faster and faster as you age! We know this too well.

  5. This just keeps Christmas in your heart all year long. And I love that sentiment....

  6. In my experience resistance IS futile when it comes to Christmas stamps.

  7. AMEN! I'm proud of myself for having 26 or so Christmas cards done already. I don't have new Christmas stamps to play with but I have some that I got previously that have not yet been used. That's like new, right? I love those dimensional stickers. They don't look overly dimensional.

  8. Thanks for the English lesson. I had to look up participle. Great card and sentiment.

  9. Participled, verbed—Ha! As a wordsmith and mostly retired copyeditor (we never TRULY retire), I delight in your sense of humor. And I so appreciate your sense of correctness in spelling, syntax, punctuation, and all the rest. Makes me smile. In addition to your wonderful card-making skills, of course!

  10. Amen, sister! Making Christmas cards is Christmas time is just cray-cray!!! Best to get them done before Halloween if possible so you can enjoy all the Fall festivities :-) I love how crisp this card is... the ink, the placement, the stickers. Well done!

  11. First I thought I'd agree to your son. I mean, hey! Spring hasn't finally arrived and you're making christmas cards?!?!?!?!

    But then I remember a year when I had no trouble with sending my christmas cards in time even I had a accident at the end of November and couldn't use my right hand for weeks. No troubles, because in that year I started making christmas cards in January (!) and made some every month during the whole year.

    So even with the accident in Nov. I was able to send out a huge pile of cards to family and friends - just because I had so many cards on hand...

    Only my greetings had to be typed. I think that was ok.

    So, yes Susan, here is my AMEN ;-)



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