Monday, May 16, 2016

Strange Bedfellows

This fabulous Celtic manuscript background met up with a couple of funky red feathers, and a strange, quite possibly illegal marriage took place.

Really, this is truly strange, but I like it. Perhaps it's the crisp black and white with the splash of red that does it for me, or maybe it's the unusual textures of the torn paper, feathery feathers, metallic silver cord, and all that gloriously smooth white space. Whatever. It's dramatic, don't you think?

I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors of a tantrum pitched when this card was assembled. Those feathers are slippery little things and may or may not have caused a certain individual to lose her patience and stomp her feet.

*whistling innocently*

stamps: Judikins background
ink: Memento black
paper: textured card stock, Papertrey white 
accessories: feathers (from a sprig in the floral department at Hobby Lobby), silver metallic cord, dimensionals, glue, brush (for wetting the torn card stock)


  1. I have this celtic background too (somewhere in the deep of my stamp room).

    I haven't use it for ages but when I used it I always gold embossed it onto coloured cardstock (black or green). I never thought of stamping it in black on white...

    This looks sooo great!!!

    Think I have to take a deep dive into the corners of my tiny little stamproom next weekend fishing some old, neclected stamps :-)

    Thanks for sharing, Susan!

  2. A brilliant assemblage, tantrums excluded I think it's turned out beautifully 👌🏻x

  3. I like the composition. If I had tried to get a feather affixed to a card I'm guessing it would never make it. Much higher chance of it being glued to my hand, shirt or pants.

  4. Stunning card. I tried to think which element "did id" for me but it is a compilation of elements that, in my opinion, makes it work. Nicely done. Go ahead and stomp those feet. It was worth it.

  5. ooops typo, but you know I was trying to say it, not id!

  6. Wonderful how the elements work so well together.

  7. I love your combination of pattern, colour and texture. So very cool! Attaching anything outside of the average cardstock and paper realm usually takes more patience than I have...

  8. Love the script and the feather. Lots of lovely texture.


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