Wednesday, August 10, 2016


This card looked good before I blinged it. Now, it makes me giggle with Christmas glee.

Card size: 3.5" x 6.25"

Silver and red are a match made in heaven for Christmas. The silver calls to mind sleigh bells, frost and snow and all things icy, and tinsel. The red evokes warmth and velvet and poinsettias. The combination makes me so very happy!

Every Christmas, I intentionally choose wrapping paper in a different color scheme...silver and gold, red and green, green and silver or gold or white, red and silver or gold or white. One year, I used white paper with red ribbon. This might make me sound more matchy-matchy than I am. My tree is nowhere near coordinated (nor are the other decorations), and since I always have leftover paper to use from the previous year, gifts are not truly coordinated under the tree, either. But it's exciting every year to pick a different color scheme.

Do you have a favorite color scheme you use each holiday or do you switch it up? Are your holiday decorations coordinated, or do you just get whatever makes you happy, regardless of color? Inquiring minds want to know!

stamps: Clearly Besotted 
ink: Delicata silver, Memento Luxe love letter
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: corner rounder, rhinestones


  1. Lovely card! I have been making Christmas cards all week using lots of silver, blue and teal. I usually make the same type of card, but in two color schemes. Blue and silver is always my favorite.

  2. LOVE this card! Red and white are my favorite colors for Christmas but I also use navy and white. I try to have all my cards different, so there are a multitude of colors involved. No color theme for my decorating or tree either. I treasure the hand me downs and those acquired trough the years.
    Lu C

  3. Fabulous cards and a good jump on the cards you will need to send!

  4. I can't stick to one color scheme or theme. I love it all! :)

  5. Love this blingited wonderfulness! I love those fancy color coordinated Christmas trees, ornaments, ribbons and gift. I don't have that, mind you, but I do admire them in the store displays. I only got a Christmas for my apartment 2 years ago (Christmas tramas as a child). Now that we moved to a house, hubby is saying my tree is probably too small. Maybe we can be all matchy matchy this year!

  6. Beautiful card, Susan! I don't have a specific theme, however, one year I decided to make ornaments in creams, pinks, and gold...had a ton of fun making them and a special tree that year...good memories!

  7. Love the card!!! In fact, I can see a whole series with similar layouts but different sentiments... and different color combos and embellishment stamps based on the sentiments. "Let it Snow" in blue & silver with snowflakes, "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" in green & gold with holly leaves, "Tis the Season" in red & green with ornaments... all blinged, of course! Only a couple years ago did we try to go matchy matchy with the ornaments, but I still had to add "special" ones, so you lose the store catalog look. With my son being 15 now, I'm trying to update the holiday decor to a more mature look, so its getting more matchy, but not exact. I love wrapping paper too much to stick to a color combo!!! I have a ton, and use it all each year! We used to have "Santa paper" when my son was little for presents from the big guy, but even then, Santa apparently liked lots of patterns too, cause even he used a few different rolls. LOL!

  8. Love this card. It is so cheery. And of course bling! Quite a few years ago I started buying Christmas paper in only red and green. Any patterns, and it can have gold and silver in it. But I stick to those colors and even the the tree is 60 years of ornaments and stuff; the gifts underneath make it look kind of coordinated.


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