Monday, August 22, 2016

Giving Thanks for Fall Colors and Stickles

Y'all know how I feel about Stickles. A stamper can never have enough.

While I had Simon Says Stamp's Giving Thanks set out, I decided to play around with Papertrey's terra cotta ink, which is my replacement for Ancient Page henna, which is, alas, no longer available. In the process, guess who learned that Stickles paprika matches the terra cotta really, really well?

*raises hand*

A copper metallic ink border gives some needed outline to the panel (believe me, I tried it without and it looked blah).

What's your favorite color for autumn leaves? Have you found an ink that captures that color? My favorite is a blazing orange that, when back-lit by the sun on a blue-sky day, looks as if the tree is literally on fire.

Of course, it isn't literally on fire. It just looks that way. If it were literally on fire, I'd have to dial 911 and pray the fire doesn't spread. But every time I see that particular shade of orange, I ask myself, "Is that tree on fire?"

And no, I've never found an ink that does that particular color justice.

stamps: Simon Says Stamp Giving Thanks
ink: Papertrey terra cotta, Hero Arts cup o' Joe
paper: papertrey
accessories: Stickles (paprika), craft foam, glue, copper metallic pen


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  2. Beautiful card Susan. You know before I started card making and blogging I never thought about Autumn much other than to admire the trees in my parents street as they changed colour but before they all dropped. In their street the trees are so old they nearly meet from one side of the road to the other so in Autumn they are stunning oranges and reds and bits of green. Love them. Sadly they then fall and fill the ground all round, first crackling then soggy and the trees look like fingers reaching out. As Winter comes to an end here I have just seen the most beautiful Tree with little pink blossums all over it.

    1. What a beautiful description, Aileen. Thank you so much.

  3. awesome card. I love autumn. Back before Dutch Elm disease destroyed the elms in New Haven, they were a stunning yellow gold, lit from within. DC doesn't get the bright colors of the north east. I need a trip to Vermont!

  4. As a kid, one autumn I looked out the window and announced, "That tree is on fire." Nope, nope, no one believed me because of THAT COLOR of which you speak. I wasn't a dummy, I know actual flames when I see them. It took the adults a long time to get up to check and then there was a flurry of activity! The tree was touching an electrical line.

    As for you card, I love that shade for autumn colors. I don't like any one particular color for autumn, but the combination of them all is a winner. I still adore autumn colors even though I live where I don't really see them. I know they exist!

    And now I need paprika stickles...!

  5. Have you tried ripe persimmon Distress Ink? Also Kaleidacolor do a couple of nice rainbow pads, one is called Autumn Leaves ( no surprise there!) and one Cappuccino.

  6. That's a beautiful card! Now I want to go stamp some autumn-y scenes, even though spring is my favourite season. (Autumn is a close second!)

  7. That's a beautiful card! Now I want to go stamp some autumn-y scenes, even though spring is my favourite season. (Autumn is a close second!)

  8. love this...great sentiment to go with that whimsical tree!


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