Tuesday, August 16, 2016

In Praise of "Collecting"

While SOME stampers have been known to over-buy and hoard supplies, sometimes never using them at all, I think it's important to acknowledge and praise the efforts of those of us who "collect" supplies and turn around and actually USE them.

Because...go, me!

This card contains dots of Stickles from five different bottles. Now, I've never counted all my Stickles bottles, but it's easily upwards of 20. And it was delightful to have just the right shades to match the inks in the Kaleidacolor Caribbean Sea pad.

I have upwards of 12 Kaleidacolor pads, with five colors on each pad. Clearly I do not have enough Stickles.

This may or may not be how we stampers get into trouble.

The end.

stamps: Papertrey Good Times, Wet Paint
ink: Kaleidacolor Caribbean Sea, Memento Luxe black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: black Sharpie marker, ruler, Stickles


  1. Can't get enough of these bubbly borders, especially in Kaleidacolor, and then stickles... over the top!!

  2. I never thought to use my stash of Kaleidocolor inks and my favorite Stickles in this way. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  3. We can never have enough stickles or glittery things and those Kaleidocolor stsmp pads I do love. Dont have them all but have anything thats bright except the one that turned to sludge cause I forgot to seperate the ink pads, an interestinf brown sludge mind you.

  4. Go you! I love this card. I clearly do not have enough Kaleidoscope ink pads OR stickles.

  5. Lucky you for having matching ink pads and stickles. I never seem to have the right colour stickle/gem/glitter/embellishment.

  6. Love card. Your words made me laugh! Thanks!

  7. I only have one Kaleidacolor ink pad left over from my days as an SU demo. I can't seem to find them for sale anywhere! Even tough for me to find online. Have you bought some recently or are yours all older purchases?

    1. Joann's has them. And they are often on sale for 40% off. ;-)

    2. I mean online. Not in the stores.

  8. I often say "go you" because you work hard to use your stash. This card is fabulous and festive. Go stickles as well!


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